Winter Gardening Tips.

Winter Gardening Tips.

Now that winter is fast approaching us, it is time to make some changes to our garden spaces to protect them and make sure they are ready for the colder climates. As we know, most of the plants we are familiar with will go dormant during the winter period and hibernate until the spring, and it is our job to protect them as best we can from the frost and snow during these months. Here are some easy winter gardening tips to make your life easier in the coming months.

The last mow.

The lawn will grow pretty rapidly during the summer and you will likely have to cut it back every few weeks to make sure it is looking tidy and sharp. But once autumn and winter start to rein in the grass will enter a state of dormancy and this means you shouldn’t have to mow the lawn at all until spring. This weekend make sure you complete the last mow of the lawn before winter and then you will have a tidy and easy to manage space for the season.

Protect your plants.

Plants are going to be fragile around this time of year and it is imperative that you leave them alone and don’t think about pruning them until the spring is here. If you prune a plant and the frost comes in, it will kill the plant and it can mean you have no choice but to dig it up. Make sure to let your plants hibernate naturally and bring any vulnerable plants indoors for the winter to protect them.

Grow food.

If you have a taste for fresh fruit or vegetables this winter, you can either use a greenhouse for your space, which you can find on South West greenhouses, or find winter fruiting plants which will give you some great additions to your dishes for the winter. You can use a greenhouse for things like strawberries, pumpkins and tomatoes, and then plant lettuce, potatoes and beetroot straight into the winter ground.

Winter colour.

There are actually a lot of plants which will flower during the winter so it won’t mean that you have to have a dull and boring garden all season because it’s cold. For example there are wallflowers, pansies and forget-me-nots which will give stunning colour and texture to the gardens during winter. You can also plant winter berry bushes such as holly to really bring a pop to the space.

Take care of nature.

Wildlife will be much more in need of help during the winter than any other period. Some animals will migrate away to new places, but a lot of our wildlife will stay with us all winter and they will need help finding shelter, food and water during the harsh conditions. By even crushing up leftover crackers and bread in the garden you will be making a big difference to these animals and it will help them to survive the harsh climate. If you can leave out some water too this can be a lifesaver for many animals.

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Winter Gardening Tips


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