The Six Month Declutter Challenge.

The Six Month Declutter Challenge.

Mental health is a subject I discuss often here on at Just The Three Of Us. Posts such as ‘When Anxiety Rules’ and ‘Always, Mummy Tries…’ have been very popular. I love that many of you find this blog a source of comfort and solace when you are struggling with your own mental health.

Recently I’ve been thinking about ways in which we can change the space around us to benefit our mental health. Just a few months ago we moved to a new home, a smaller but far nicer home which has benefited myself and the children greatly.

We downsized from a 2 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom bungalow. This meant that we had to declutter on a big scale and space-saving storage solutions proved vital.

Over the past few months I have been working my way through each area of our home in an attempt to reduce the amount of clutter…

I’m a firm believer that a tidy home ensures a tidy mind.

In my experience, being surrounded by ‘stuff’ can have a hugely negative effect on mental health. I can’t cope with things piled high or mess, my anxiety goes into overdrive and I become edgy and snappy.

With all of the above in mind I have been working hard on a new challenge for you all!


Six rooms. Six months. One challenge.

Vowing to tackle one room a month not only gives you time to dispose of unwanted goods before starting on the next, it also allows your mind to adjust to the changes.

Even when we don’t think something is impacting our mental health, it usually is. Changes in environment can have a huge impact on adult and child mental health.

I have created a handy declutter checklist which you can print off and use to aid your declutter mission!

I’d really love to see how you all get on – so please share your before and after photos with me via the Facebook group, use the Instagram hashtag #jttoudeclutterchallenge or feel free to get in touch via email

This challenge isn’t about minimalism or interior perfection, it’s about changing your environment to relieve unnecessary stress and pressure.

And the best bit? There’s no start date or end date – you can take the challenge whenever you feel ready.

I’ve taken the challenge, will you? Let me know below!


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The six month declutter challenge.



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