Getting Ready For Summer With Kidswear At Fashion World.

Getting Ready For Summer With Kidswear At Fashion World.

The older the children get, the harder it is to find clothes they will actually want to wear. For Mia, summer wear is easy as she can’t stand trousers or jeans. She loves wearing her skirts and dresses without anyone nagging her about getting cold. Theo on the other hand has got to the stage where he wants to look ‘cool’ – he is five going on fifteen! Fashion World full of gorgeous items to keep kids cool but looking great in the warmer weather.

  1. Cheska High Low Dress – Mia always looks gorgeous in a floral print and loves nothing more than a pretty dress. This Monsoon dress is perfect for both staying in and going out.
  2. Finella Flamingo Skirt – I’d wear this skirt myself! I love the bold print and bright colours. This Monsoon skirt suits Mia’s bright and bold personality and would look gorgeous paired with gold sandals.
  3. Seahorse Denim Shorts – Is there anything cuter than little denim shorts? I love the detail on these Monsoon shorts – perfect for days at the beach.
  4. Elena Printed Trousers – I am a huge fan of printed trousers, I have roughly 10 pairs myself. These Monsoon printed shorts would look lovely teamed with a simple vest top and sandals. Mia isn’t a huge fan of wearing trousers but these are pretty enough to get the coveted seal of approval from her.
  5. Natty Navy Shorts – I know I’m bias, but Theo looks truly adorable in smart shorts and a polo. I love these Monsoon shorts, they are casual enough for chilled out days, but formal enough to wear out and about too.
  6. Batten Ez Boat Shoe Trainer – Theo usually wants to wear Wellington boots all year round, but he also loves a pair of sandals. Over the years I have struggled to find shoes that aren’t garish and look smart that Theo will actually put on. These Ralph Lauren boat shoe trainers are perfect for the summer months and I think Theo would love them.
  7. Lelli Kelly Mermaid Dolly Shoes – Anyone else’s seven-year old obsessed with everything mermaid and unicorns? If Mia wasn’t so forthright, I’d put her in something simple, but I know she’d adore these eye-catching dolly shoes.
  8. Boys Good Vibes T-Shirt – Boys will be boys! Mia is all about the pretty dresses and girly prints, but Theo prefers comfy clothes he can mess around in. I still like to dress him in nice clothes regardless of the trouble he’s usually getting himself into. This simple printed t-shirt is just the ticket.
  9. Boys Logo Joggers – As I said above, Theo is all about the comfort. It’s no fun wearing jeans during the summer months so these logo joggers are perfect for keeping his legs covered and keeping him cool.
  10. Lance Lobster Tee I love the fun print on this lobster t-shirt and so will Theo. White is a risky colour for kids but if I stock up on stain remover to tackle the grass stains, I’m sure he’d wear this t-shirt every day if he could!
  11. Boys Fish Print Swim Shorts – The best bit about the warmer months is watching the children have fun in the paddling pool. I love these fish print swim shorts from Fashion World, fun but functional.
  12. Fiona Flamingo Swimsuit – Fashion World have a lovely range of pretty swimsuits, but I particularly love this one. Pink and flamingos, what more could a seven-year old girl want? This pretty little swimsuit is gorgeous, Mia would love lazing around in the pool in this.

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Getting Ready For Summer With Kidswear At Fashion World.


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