Planning Your Pregnancy: How To Save Money On Your Baby Shopping.

Planning Your Pregnancy: How To Save Money On Your Baby Shopping.

Today, the average pregnant women spends thousands of pounds on her baby. There’s nothing wrong with making sure that your child has everything it needs for a great start in life. But when you’re preparing for your new arrival on a budget, it can feel as though you have countless items to buy, and nowhere near enough cash to pay for it all.

From the moment your pregnancy test turns positive, it can feel as though your bank balance is gradually draining,. Regardless of whether you’re spending all your cash on prenatal vitamins, or you simply need to stock up on milk and nappies for the day your youngster arrives. If you’re worried about the costs of baby shopping, here are a few ways that you can avoid over-spending.

Start by knowing how much maternity income you’ll have before you can figure out how stringent you’ll need to be with your baby shopping. You’ll have to devote some time to working out the income you’re department about the maternity policy for your firm, so you can start calculating as soon as possible.

1. Stock up on pregnancy freebies – Now you know how much cash you do have, you can work on cutting costs. If you’re worried about joining clubs that could spam your email address with countless messages, it’s worth noting that baby and parenting clubs do provide a constant flow of coupons that make up for their annoying presence in your life. With the help of the right club, you can end up with countless vouchers to spend on your baby and maternity products. As well as free gifts and samples for signing up. It’s worth keeping an eye out at online and high-street retailers for anything you might be able to get for cheap. A lot of companies have flash sales that are perfect for new parents. Some even have their own parenting clubs.

2. Appreciate the NHS – No matter how you feel about the NHS, it’s fair to say that they’re useful when it comes to saving you some cash on your baby expenses. Pregnancy is sure to help you develop your relationship with the NHS sooner rather than later. You’ll find that you’ll be eligible for several great things like dental treatments, free prescriptions, and more. You can even get free ante-natal classes booked by the NHS while you’;re in your third trimester. Keep in mind that the nurses and midwives you’ll interact with every day during your pregnancy will also know better than most where you can go for freebies and discounts on the essentials.

3. Don’t over-buy on items for the baby – It’s easy to get carried away when you’re preparing for a new baby. We all find ourselves feeling tempted when we see a beautiful set of new-born clothes that our baby will probably grow out of in a matter of minutes. When you see those teddies and toys that are so adorable you want to cry, it’s hard to keep your purse closed. However, it’s worth trying to keep a practical head when you’re buying for your baby. Ultimately, packs of basic clothing from a supermarket will work just as well as the designer outfits you’ve seen. Don’t over-spend on something your baby might never even have a chance to wear.

4. Slim the maternity wardrobe – Finally, you’d be surprised how many women spend hundreds of pounds on outfits that they’re only going to wear for a couple of months. It’s important to make sure that you feel comfortable during your pregnancy. Bump bands can be enough to ensure that you can continue to wear your standard trousers for a little longer. When your bump bands aren’t working anymore, you can spend a little bit of cash on leggings. Perhaps even a few vest tops, and some maternity jeans, but don’t go over the top. Remember that you’re not going to be pregnant forever!

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Planning Your Pregnancy - How To Save Money On Your Baby Shopping.


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