Three Great Ways to Display Your Child’s Artwork.

Three Great Ways to Display Your Child’s Artwork.

If your child is the creative type, then they’ve no doubt got plenty of drawings, paintings or even crafts all over the house. Some of them will be relegated to sitting in a covered box under the bed, while others will be stuck to the wall with a piece of tape, or placed on a random shelf somewhere in their room.

Kids are creative types that absolutely love to make things, but what excites them even more is receiving some recognition from their work. For instance, if an uncle or aunt comes over and notices their art, kids love to receive compliments because it helps motivate them to work harder and try new things.

However, simply sticking a piece of their art onto the wall leaves it open to damage and it could be ruined in the future. Likewise, placing their crafts on a shelf will attract dust and it won’t be very pleasing to the eye. So to help you and your kids out, we’ve put together three simple ways to showcase your child’s artwork.

Framing Artwork

Frames are an excellent way to display custom artworks that are drawn or painted on. It’s important to look for custom picture frames that fit the size of your child’s artwork, and it’s also important to preserve the art before placing them in a frame. Make sure paints are dried before framing, and if you want to preserve a pencil drawing, then you may want to spray a fixative over it in a well-ventilated area to ensure that the art doesn’t smudge while you’re framing it.

Once the art is framed, you can hang them up and draw attention to them. For a little touch of gallery class, you could even add LED lights above them to showcase the art when the room’s lights are dimmed. Framing your pictures also makes it easy to pack them when you need to move home or rooms.

Hanging Displays

If your child loves to create light crafts such as origami, then you could even hang them from lighting fixtures or the ceiling of their room.

This is a brilliant way to display things like model planes they’ve painted, bird origami or even planets. It’s easy to remove and your kids can even use the wall to create backdrops to go with the hanging crafts they’ve created. This is a fun and creative way to display their crafts, but do keep in mind you’ll have to help them hang their creations.

Simple Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to display art because they remove unnecessary parts of the shelf that detract from the centre of attention; your child’s art. Even simple flower crafts look fantastic if placed on the right shelve in the right room.

As a small tip; try not to overcrowd a shelf. Instead, keep an even amount of space between each piece of artwork, and if you want, you could even attach a small plaque on the front of the shelf detailing the work of art, when it was made and even a name if your child has one for it.

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Three Great Ways to Display Your Child’s Artwork.


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