Blöm Cards Review.

Blöm Cards Review.

Sometimes we need a little nudge in the right direction. When suffering from mental health problems, taking care of our mind, body and soul isn’t often a priority. What sufferers like me need is a prompt, and that’s where Blöm Cards come to the rescue.

Blöm Cards are 30 psychologically grounded insights & challenges for mindfulness and mental health. These cards have no particular order, nor do they have a time frame. Simply chose a card, focus on it for as long as required and allow it to aid your thought process or inspire you to act differently, for example switching off your phone. Keep your Blöm Cards safe in the simple but effective acrylic holder that comes with them.

I’ve been using these cards for about six weeks now and I absolutely love them. My favourite cards include dial-up, be single-minded, breathe and move. These cards are perfect for mum’s (and dads!) because each insight/challenge is realistic and achievable.

Blöm Cards were created by two friends, a psychotherapist and a graphic designer, and the results are truly brilliant. Mindfulness is quite a modern concept, and something I have struggled to implement, but these visually and psychologically appealing cards have made practicing mindfulness a breeze.

I highly recommend Blöm Cards to anyone who needs a push in the right direction. If self-love, emotional development or self-care doesn’t come naturally to you, then place your order now! (Available from Etsy, Lobella Loves and All By Mama).

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Psychologically-grounded insights & challenges - Blöm Cards review


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