Getting Ready For The New School Year With My Nametags.

Getting Ready For The New School Year With My Nametags.

There is nothing quite as tedious as preparing the children for the new school year. Uniform shopping was something I hated as a kid, and both of my children have followed suit. Once all the uniform has been purchased, parents are then faced with the task of labelling each and every item. My Nametags takes the labour out of labelling with their wide range of personalised labels and tags.

It can be hard getting organised for when the kids go back to school. It’s even harder when there is two sets of uniforms to wash, iron and label. Theo is about to begin his second year at school, thankfully we made it through the first year without too many lost items. Mia is moving up to middle school. She will have to be far more independent than before. I really needed some eye-catching labels to make her supplies stand out so that she doesn’t leave anything lying around.

The best thing about My Nametags is that you can design your own labels and tags. The labels/tags are 100% water and wash-proof so you won’t lose labels and washing machines. It is easy to fit a house name, mobile or pupil number or class on the name tags/labels. Some customers put the name of the school their child attends on the labels to ensure any lost items are returned to the correct place. These tags/labels are also durable enough to be added to shoes.

Our labels were delivered swiftly and I was pleased to see that they were printed in exactly the same way I designed them. I chose the colour stickers rather than the iron on’s purely because I wanted the task at hand to be as easy and stress free as possible.

The colour stickers were easy to apply, so easy in fact that the kids helped! My Nametags really does take the stress out of labelling school items and I can’t thank them enough for helping me tick another job off my to-do list. I’d definitely recommend My Nametags to parents of school age children who are after fantastic service and fantastic items.

Check out last year’s back to school post here.

Win personalised labels for your child by simply entering the giveaway below.

My Nametags Name Label Giveaway

My Nametags very kindly sent us two sets of labels in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own. Any entrants found to be entering using multiple personas will be immediately disqualified. Winners details will be sent to My Nametags for delivery to be arranged. Giveaway ends 29/8/2018 at midday.

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Back To School With My Nametags



  1. Kay Sherman
    08/02/2018 / 19:50

    I have a little bit of a to do list

  2. Kim Neville
    08/02/2018 / 20:57

    I bought the last school items I needed to get for my son. They just need to be labelled 😊

  3. Solange
    08/02/2018 / 21:44

    I still have a huge ‘to do’ list.

  4. Kellie Steed
    08/02/2018 / 21:44

    I need a huge amount. I’m a new school year virgin, and I’m TERRIFIED that I will forget something or get things wrong. This would be a great start for me, fingers crossed.

  5. Jamie Edwards
    08/02/2018 / 21:55

    I actually do have a to do list but we have checked a few things off already 🙂

  6. Sarah Mackay
    08/02/2018 / 22:15

    I have not even started on my list.

  7. Fay
    08/02/2018 / 22:37

    I don’t have any children. I am entering for my sister and my nephew

  8. Lynsey farrell
    08/02/2018 / 23:03

    I’m around half way on my to do list, I thought I was being super organised but now I have changed my mind 😳

  9. Angela Treadway
    08/02/2018 / 23:37

    i just have my eldest sons pe kit to get as he is going secondary school and school shoes for both of my sons x

  10. Margaret Gallagher
    08/02/2018 / 23:58

    Ive got quite a lot – always something o forget !

  11. maria
    08/03/2018 / 00:23

    Nope im so last minute

  12. Ashleigh Allan
    08/03/2018 / 05:54

    I’m nearly organised

  13. Simone Griffin
    08/03/2018 / 06:02

    I think I’ve got everything but new school shoes, so not too bad x

  14. Clare Hubbard
    08/03/2018 / 07:14

    I think I’m almost ready, hate last minute craziness!

  15. Amandeep Sibia
    08/03/2018 / 10:54

    Getting there, just need to get the uniform next week!

  16. Lynn Neal
    08/03/2018 / 11:14

    I am the Granny now so get to join in when I want to and I am looking forward to helping with the new shoe shopping!

  17. S Kerry
    08/03/2018 / 14:23

    all ready x

  18. Danielle Spencer
    08/03/2018 / 14:46

    Still looking at what to get my nephew for back to school.

  19. Jo Hutchings
    08/03/2018 / 21:26

    My little one’s starting school for the very first time so the to do list still feels a bit daunting.

  20. Tee Simpson
    08/03/2018 / 22:58

    I havent even started yet.

  21. Chris Andrews
    08/04/2018 / 11:28

    just about ready, just a couple of things to do yet

  22. Natalie Crossan
    08/04/2018 / 20:01

    I’m very last minute – I wait until last week of August

  23. Sofiane F
    08/04/2018 / 21:54

    All sorted

  24. Tasha
    08/05/2018 / 07:23

    I’m ready

  25. 08/05/2018 / 08:34

    I’ve still got more stuff to get and I’m purposely waiting as we have a holiday to go on first. Luckily I just need to get some shoes and trousers.

  26. Charlotte G
    08/06/2018 / 11:51

    I have not even started getting prepared!

  27. Rachel Craig
    08/06/2018 / 23:22

    Partially prepared. Few things to get.

  28. Ruth Harwood
    08/07/2018 / 10:52

    still got a huge to-do list, as per usual lol!!

  29. Lisa Tang
    08/07/2018 / 10:53

    I still got a lot to buy

  30. Carrie-Anne Brown
    08/09/2018 / 22:26

    My little one starts nursery i’m pretty much ready 🙂

  31. Lorna Ledger
    08/10/2018 / 17:42

    Nope, not even close!! Eeek!

  32. Christina Palmer
    08/12/2018 / 21:14

    I still have a huge lot to do

  33. Ema J Lowe
    08/12/2018 / 22:35

    before the children broken up for the holidays, I had already brought school uniform from 3 shops. Yesterday we went though it all deciding on which makes suited our daughter and son. only thing I need to do now is take all the other stuff back, as I always buy more than 1 size for fit.

  34. Candice Rau
    08/13/2018 / 15:41

    A few more things to get. Need new PE plimsolls for my daughter as she came home last term with only one 🤣 These labels will be great

  35. claire griffiths
    08/14/2018 / 10:31

    I have all the uniform i bought that weeks ago now still have new bag stationary to get

  36. Ashley Whitbread
    08/14/2018 / 21:39

    still have a few things to do! my first and only baby off to school so its all new to me! keep forgetting little bits and bobs!

  37. jules Eley
    08/14/2018 / 21:53

    I still have school shoes to get..

  38. Karen Barrett
    08/15/2018 / 15:45

    All done, school cardigans with emblem ordered just waiting for delivery

  39. Tracy Newton
    08/15/2018 / 16:13

    I finally got the last few bits today. What a chew on, I had getting plimsoles in his size

  40. Amanda w
    08/16/2018 / 21:24

    I need to get organised… if got a couple of polo shirts but need to get the rest!!!!

  41. 08/18/2018 / 12:24

    we’re almost ready, just the last few things to buy then all done x

  42. janine atkin
    08/18/2018 / 16:23

    ive got loads to do yet!

  43. Kerry H
    08/18/2018 / 18:40

    Just new shoes and getting his hair cut, think I have everything else sorted.

  44. Stacey
    08/19/2018 / 21:56

    I’ve only bought trousers so far 🙈

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