The No More Worries Kit From The Irish Fairy Door Company Review.

The No More Worries Kit From The Irish Fairy Door Company Review.

The products available from The Irish Fairy Door Company are perfect for reassuring little worrier’s like Mia. I first became aware of The Irish Fairy Door Company a year or so ago and thought their interactive worry plaques were a stroke of genius. Even adults struggle with their worries, the difference is usually know how to manage them, children often don’t.

The aim of these fabulous worry plaques is that children will feel encouraged to express how they are feeling. The plaques aim to comfort children as the fairies take their worries away.

We were recently contacted by The Irish Fairy Door Company who offered us the chance to try out a new product, The No More Worries Kit. The interactive worry plaques I mentioned above are wonderful, but quite large. The best thing about this kit is it contains a mini version of the plaque. This is great for providing reassurance wherever they go. It can easily be attached to your child’s bag or belt hoop.

Both of my children can be little worrier’s, but Mia feels her anxieties far more deeply than her brother. She will soon be starting middle school and has expressed her concern for this milestone on several occasions. I decided to let Mia try out The No More Worries Kit as I felt it would be more beneficial for her than it would be for Theo at the moment.

She’s a typical little girl who loves unicorns, fairies and anything glittery. She was truly captivated by the thought of the fairies taking away her worries. She keeps her portable plaque next to her bed and both she and Theo have enjoyed using it, mesmerised by its magic.

The kit also comes with 15 conversation cards to help parents prompt conversations about feelings with their children. I think these are fantastic and they have worked really well here. The cards are great for saying what we sometimes can’t. Often I know Mia is not quite herself, but I don’t know how best to approach her. All 15 conversation cards have helped both myself and the children.

The third item in The No More Worries Kit is a feelings journal. Anyone who knows Mia will know how much she loves reading and writing. She’s always writing a list or a story. I knew the feelings journal would be hugely beneficial for her.

This beautifully designed notebook has been used more than any other item in the kit. Mia enjoys writing down how she is feeling, however that may be. Like me, putting pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard in my case) is very therapeutic for her.

If you have a child who often frets then I highly recommend The No More Worries Kit.

The kit is available to purchase from The Irish Fairy Door Company shop for just £17.99. Read my top tips for helping your child unwind here or check out top ten phrases for calming an anxious child here.

We were very kindly sent The No More Worries Kit in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.

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The No More Worries Kit - Perfect For Your Little Worrier


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