TimeSpring – A Digital Treasure Trove Of Memories.

TimeSpring – A Digital Treasure Trove Of Memories.

In this day and age we capture every milestone or event camera. Photo albums seem to be a thing of the past as I mentioned in my Cherishing Memories With Cheerz review a few weeks ago. Don’t have the time to create a photo album? TimeSpring allows us to save our memories for future generations in a way that no other app or programme can.

Many parents create an email account for their children. These email accounts are usually used to send heartfelt thoughts about their offspring for them to read later in life. TimeSpring takes it one step further and offers the opportunity to send time-released messages in the form of photo and video. The messages you send to your loved ones are unlocked at a time you select.

TimeSpring aims to bridge the gap between young and old.

It allows us to build a digital treasure trove of memories for our loved ones and control the memories we share in an incredibly modern way. Photo messaging is free and one time video messaging is just $0.99. Unlimited photo and video messaging is $29.99 per year which I think is a fantastic price.

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My first impressions of the TimeSpring app are incredibly positive. I think the idea behind this app is truly beautiful. I’ve always loved the idea of recording messages for my children and other family members in the future. If, heaven forbid, anything happened to me, my children can access messages I have scheduled for important milestones such as birthdays and graduations.

I’ll be sharing more about my experience with TimeSpring next month. Keep your eyes peeled to find out how I have been using TimeSpring and what I think about the process of creating messages for loved ones.

In the meantime, be sure to download TimeSpring from App Store or Google Play.

This post is sponsored by TimeSpring. All views and opinions are my own.

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How To Create A Digital Treasure Trove Of Memories With TimeSpring


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