The 10 Day Self-Love Challenge – FREE PRINTABLE!

Do you love who you are? Not how you look, or what you do, but YOU. Your soul, your personality, your life. Until recently, I struggled to think of even one thing I loved about myself. Life had been so busy that I just hadn’t found the time to indulge in a little self-care. I was making less effort with my appearance, my anxiety levels were at an all time high and I had no motivation to do anything for myself, so I set myself a challenge. That’s when my 10 day Self-Love Challenge was born.

The 10 Day Self-Love Challenge is a set of daily activities for you to complete. Each activity focuses on you and only you. Some activities are simple acts of self-care, others have deeper intentions. It’s easy to forget ourselves when we are going about our day-to-day lives. We often dismiss our achievements and hopes and dreams because we are so caught up in our busy lifestyles.

This challenge aims to remind you of those goals and achievements and remind you of your worth.

Day 1 – Make a note of everything you have achieved. Not just in the past few years, throughout your entire life. When we think about what we have achieved, we often only think of more recent achievements. When you realise quite how much you’ve achieved during your lifetime you’ll feel empowered.

Day 2 – Write a letter to your younger or older self, whichever you feel most comfortable with. Talk about what you have or hope to become.

Day 3 – Put down the to-do list for twenty minutes and call a friend/family member.

Day 4 – Write a list of things you are grateful for. Gratitude has a wonderful way of retraining your brain to find the positive in every day.

Day 5 – Switch of the TV, put your phone on silent, pour yourself a drink and start reading that book you’ve been meaning to start for months.

Day 6 – Fill the bath with bubbles and a few drops of essential oils before popping on a face-mask and dimming the lights. Remove any distractions from the room and relax. Just 10 minutes of pampering can transform your mood.

Day 7 – Go for a walk. I know it sounds simple, but a short walk can have an incredibly positive affect on your mental health.

Day 8 – Write down something you worry about but cannot change. Make a note of your feelings surrounding it and then dispose of what you’ve written however you feel appropriate. Let it go.

Day 9 – Wear your favourite outfit, no matter how fancy, just because.

Day 10 – Cook yourself your favourite meal or order in your favourite takeaway.

Some of these tasks may seem simple, but each and every one is incredibly effective. Download The 10 Day Self-Love Challenge free printable here, stick it on your mirror, bedside table or wherever you think is best. Make sure you complete every single task and I promise you will feel the benefits.

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The 10 Day Self-Love Challenge - FREE PRINTABLE!