10 Things You’ll Only Know If You’re From Norfolk.

I absolutely adore where I live. Norfolk is a beautiful place full of fantastic people, but it has some interesting quirks! I’ve been chatting to other bloggers who live locally about everything from street performers to lingo.

People from other parts of the country tend to make many assumptions about people from Norfolk, so today I thought I’d share some of what we discussed…

  1. Dilan And Me was shocked and stunned to discover that I had no idea what a ‘bishy barnabee’ was. I’ve lived in Norfolk since birth but I had no idea that here in Norfolk a bishy barnabee is a ladybug!
  2.  “When people ask you where you’re from. You say ‘Norfolk’ and they look at you blankly. To which you have to explain that we’re the top of the big hump that sticks out on the right” – Jade Ring (Raising The Rings).
  3. “Puppet Man. Nowhere else has a legend like him” – Cat Lewis (Pushing The Moon).
  4. “If you ever need anything under a quid you can find it in Anglia Square” – Leigh Ramsden (Dad Geek).
  5. “If you leave the county you’ll struggle to know which gear to put your car in when going up a ‘proper’ hill – and your poor car won’t know what’s happening to it” – Julie Wigg (Pondering Parenthood).
  6. “I’m not actually from Norfolk but I spend a lot of time there and lots of friends live there, and basically you know you’re going to go on a school trip to Walsingham at least once” – Megan Morgan (Truly Madly Kids).
  7. “That not everyone drives a tractor and we can read and write!” – Rebecca Fisher (The Coastal Mummy).
  8. Going ‘up the city’ doesn’t mean an exciting day trip to London. It simply means your going to Norwich.
  9. We have 10 fingers and 10 toes. We aren’t mutants.
  10. “How to pronounce the place names like Happisburgh and Wymondham!” – Hayley Muncey (Miss Many Pennies).

I guess you could say we’re an odd bunch here in Norfolk. It’s a weird but wonderful place and I promise we don’t all drive tractors! If you are looking for something to do as a family in Norfolk, check out my fantastic list of places to visit.

If you have anything else to add please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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10 Things You'll Only Know If Your From Norfolk.