20 Amazing Zoflora Cleaning Hacks.

Barely a day goes by where I don’t clean my home. I love cleaning, it eases my anxieties and stresses. I’m a firm believer that a tidy home equals a tidy mind! I regularly share speed clean videos over on our YouTube channel and recently I shared with you how to create a cleaning routine that really works here on the blog. Today I want to share my favourite cleaning product with you, Zoflora disinfectant.

It’s not just any disinfectant… it’s THE disinfectant.

Zoflora is a cleaning cupboard must-have available in a huge variety of scents, my favourites are Lemon Zing and Pink Grapefruit. Many don’t realise quite how versatile it is, so below I have listed 20 different uses for the powerful disinfectant. If you’re a ZoFlo newbie, this is the perfect post for you. If you already use Zoflora, perhaps you’ll find a use you hadn’t thought of yet!

  1. Soak an old air freshener in your favourite scent to freshen up your car.
  2. Soak water beads(aff) in water for 3-5 hours before adding a cap full of Zoflora. The scent will last for days if not weeks and water beads look lovely in a glass dish. Do not add tealights or candles to the dish – Zoflora is FLAMMABLE. 
  3. Add a cap full of Zoflora to your spray mop to eliminate odours whilst cleaning your floors. DO NOT USE WITH STEAM MOPS.
  4. Pour a cap full of Zoflora onto a piece of kitchen roll and pop in the bottom of your bins to eliminate any waste odours.
  5. Freshen up upholstery with a spray bottle full of diluted Zoflora (1-2 caps + water).
  6. When diluted in a spray bottle, it can be used to disinfect pretty much any surface.
  7. Pop cotton wool balls soaked in Zoflora behind your radiators to fill your home with your favourite scent.
  8. Soak bath toys to eliminate bacteria and prevent mould.
  9. Add a cap full to your washing machine when cleaning to eliminate odours.
  10. Pour a cap full onto kitchen roll and wipe down all remotes, phones etc.
  11. Add to your toilet brush holder to keep it smelling fresh.
  12. Pour a cap full into plug holes with 2-3 spoonfuls of soda crystals. Leave overnight and pour freshly boiled water into each plug hole to freshen up and clean plug holes and pipes.
  13. Spray onto curtains, the fragrance will fill the entire room.
  14. Freshen up mattresses by spraying with diluted Zoflora.
  15. Spray pet beds to eliminate animal smells.
  16. Soak used cleaning cloths and sponges in freshly boiled water with a few caps of Zoflora overnight to clean and disinfect – the steam from the water will fill your home with your chosen scent.
  17. Put a cap into the drawer of the washing machine to give your clothes a long-lasting scent.
  18. Using your favourite scent, create your own reed diffuser using a small bottle and wooden skewers.
  19. Wipe the exterior of small appliances such as the kettle with diluted Zoflora. Scent will be released with each boil.
  20. Add to the toilet cistern.

If you haven’t used Zoflora before and are unsure which scent to try first, check out this Zoflora 12 bottle assortment (aff). As with any cleaning product, it is important to be cautious when using Zoflora. It is highly flammable and should be kept out of reach of children.

I’d love to hear about other cleaning hacks – let me know about anything I haven’t included above in the comments below, I may share the best ones in a YouTube video.

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20 Amazing Zoflora Cleaning Hacks.