20 Rainy Day Activities For Families.

It’s that time of year again. Sandals, shorts and days at the beach are becoming a distant memory. There’s a chill in the air and the clouds are gathering. Keeping the children entertained is a challenge at any time of year but on cold and rainy days, it’s harder than ever to keep them focused and engaged on a task. It’s all too easy to offer screen time and pop on a movie or switch on Netflix. If you want to ditch the TV, but have no idea how to keep the children entertained without it, then take a look at the 20 rainy day activities for families I have listed below.

20 rainy day activities for families will love –

  1. Let them create an indoor obstacle course using chairs, cushions, sheets etc.
  2. Bake something. A quick search on Google or Pinterest throws up hundreds of easy recipes perfect for little ones and big ones.
  3. Design and play a board game.
  4. Involve the kids in decluttering and donate unwanted toys to charity.
  5. Close the curtains, dim the lights, grab your duvets and pillows and watch a movie.
  6. Let them get creative. Painting, drawing and colouring are always enjoyed.
  7. See who can build the tallest tower using Lego.
  8. Create jewellery using wool, thread, beads or even string and uncooked pasta.
  9. If you are not afraid to brave the elements, head outdoors and see who can find the biggest puddle to jump in!
  10. Grab your coats and wellington boots and head to the local library.
  11. Make tie-dye clothes.
  12. Make sock puppets.
  13. Have a family drawing competition – see who can draw the best house/car/person.
  14. Indoor treasure hunts will amuse children for hours on end, get them searching for objects in a particular colour or shape.
  15. Slightly older children will thoroughly enjoy basic science experiments.
  16. Make slime.
  17. Make homemade play dough.
  18. Create a marble run using empty toilet rolls.
  19. Create an indoor track or game using masking tape.
  20. Make a rain gauge using an empty bottle.

All of the ideas listed above are perfect for cosy days indoors, but if you don’t feel like staying indoors why don’t you visit a soft play centre or maybe even an indoor climbing wall? If money is tight, why not organise a play date at a friends house? Fun can be had whatever the weather brings, if you are feeling brave put on the waterproofs, head outside and find the biggest splashiest puddles to splash in.

What are your favourite methods for keeping the children entertained during cold and wet weather? Please feel free to let me know in the comments below, especially if I have not included your method in the list above. Make sure you follow us on Instagram or Facebook to find out what we get up to when the weather is rubbish!

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