4 Easy Ways To Transform Your Garden Into A Wildlife Haven.

I’ve been working hard over the last few months to transform our neglected back garden into something to be proud of. It’s slowly but surely becoming a beautiful space for the children to enjoy and I absolutely love it. The children are fascinated by butterflies and other wildlife, so I decided to make our garden a wildlife haven. It’s easier than you think… and affordable too!

Here are four easy ways you can transform your garden into a wildlife haven. Making a garden wildlife doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the appearance of your outdoor space. The three essentials for wildlife are food, shelter and water. Shelter can be found almost anywhere, but food and water can be a little trickier for wildlife to discover.

  1. Bug Hotels/Houses – bug hotels and houses are an absolute must. They are incredibly easy to make yourself (children will love this project) and readily available to purchase online. Bug hotels/houses look lovely and will attract all kinds of bugs and beetles into your garden. There are lots of fantastic nature craft ideas on my Pinterest nature board.
  2. Bird boxes/feeders/tables – bird boxes, tables and feeders are essential in colder weather, particularly in autumn and winter. The Royal Horticultural Society offers fantastic advice on food and nutrition for birds.
  3. Bright attractive nectar-rich plants – you need to provide a steady source of pollen in order to attract insects into your garden. Make the most of your patio space by filling pots and planters with a wide variety of plants which will flower throughout the year.
  4. Make hibernation stations  – many species of wildlife hibernate during the winter months. Let the children embrace autumn and create piles of crisps leaves and twigs. A simple pile of leaves and twigs will provide shelter for creatures such as hedgehogs and voles.

Make sure you provide fresh water as often as you can in a shallow dish. If your feeling particularly adventurous and have the space available, you could create a small pond. Ponds attract frogs and toads and a multitude of insects.

If you have any tips and tricks for creating a wildlife haven in your garden please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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4 Easy Ways To Transform Your Garden Into A Wildlife Haven.