5 Reasons Why Having Two Children Is Easier Than Having One.

When Mia was born I couldn’t imagine having another child. I’d always wanted two, one boy and one girl, but I couldn’t imagine loving anyone else like I loved her.

Then Theo came along and I realised how wrong I was. I loved him from the second I discovered his existence. I knew having two children would be hard work and I often worried about how I would cope.

One of my main concerns was that Mia would be jealous. But actually, I needn’t have worried.

Mia adored her brother from day 1. They have an incredibly strong bond and are the best of friends. It’s not always plain sailing, they do fight and bicker, but on the whole, they make a wonderful pair.

Today on the blog I thought I’d talk about the many reasons why having two children is easier than having one, and why I love having two children.

  • They keep each other entertained. Mia is a great source of entertainment for Theo, and vice versa! When I’ve got lots of jobs to do I don’t have to worry about them being lonely and bored because they play nicely together (most of the time) and keep each other amused.
  • Longer lie-ins. I’m a reasonably early riser, but occasionally on the weekends I can sleep until 9 am. My children are fantastic sleepers and also know how cranky Mummy gets when she’s tired, so when I do snooze the alarm Mia always fetches some drinks and pops the TV on for herself and Theo. I know, I am very lucky!
  • Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. I’m more relaxed because I’ve done it all before. With Mia I worried about everything and anything, but with Theo I took it all in my stride.
  • You can reuse products from your first child. We saved lots of money on ‘baby stuff’ because we kept items such as Mia’s cot in storage, we would have saved even more if Theo had been a Thea! Of course, double the children means double the laundry etc, but you’d be surprised at what you can actually save on if you plan ahead.
  • You have a willing helper at all times. Mia loves being a big sister and helping me with jobs around the house – she often fetches bits and bobs for Theo. When Theo was tiny she loved helping with bath-time and nappy changes.

There is nothing more beautiful than watching your first baby with their siblings – I often sit and watch my two together and it melts my heart.

You can find out more about encouraging a close sibling bond here.

Do you have anything to add? I’d love to know why you think having two children is easier than having one, or maybe you don’t? Let me know in the comments.

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5 reasons why having two children is easier than having one