5 Tips For Preventing Hair Loss.

Hair loss can affect many people across all walks of life in many different ways, from a stressful lifestyle to just the process of getting older. But there are things we can do and avoid to help prevent and control the loss of our hair.

With this in mind, here are some tips from online pharmacy Chemist4U to help prevent hair loss.

Reduce stress

A common reason for hair loss can be stress. This can range from the ongoing stress that’s caused by a divorce, family trauma or bereavement, through to the day-to-day stresses of work and financial worries. Hair loss from stress can be caused by a process that involves high levels of adrenaline causing testosterone levels to rise. While it’s easier said than done, it’s important to try to reduce your stress levels as best you can as a way to help avoid hair loss. Things that can help include regular moderate exercise and yoga, as well as mindfulness to cope with daily anxiety.

Eat foods high in vitamins and protein 

Certain foods, which are high in vitamins and minerals, are known to help revitalise hair. This includes foods full of iron, zinc and vitamin B12. Leafy green vegetables, fish and lean meats, as well as nuts and beans, are examples of nutritious healthy foods that can help bring new life to thinning strands of hair. An ample amount of protein in your daily diet can also help prevent hair loss.

Avoid hairline-pulling hair styles

Some hair styles, while looking trendy and stylish, can be a problem for causing hair loss. Hair styles like tight pony tails, cornrows and braids can pull tight on the small, delicate hairs that make up the hairline. The stress of this can pull them out, causing thinning and hair loss. To help prevent this from happening, it’s better to consider hair styles that don’t pull so tight on your hair. Gently hold it in place, or just let it hang naturally.

Stay clear of chemical processing

While the chemical treatments that many hair salons offer can create a great look, they aren’t so good for your hair. Procedures like bleaching, lightening and chemically straightening processes can weaken the hair, causing damage that can result in hair loss. Such treatments can also make the problem worse if you’re already experiencing a loss of hair. Instead, it’s best to avoid such hair-damaging treatments and stick to your natural colour and style.

Apply essential oils and massage the scalp

Adding natural essential oils to the hair when showering can also help control hair loss. The regenerative and balancing properties of oils, like carrot seed, lavender and rosemary can help improve the condition of the scalp. Which can help to promote hair growth. When washing your hair in the shower, even massaging the whole head can help improve blood circulation to the scalp. Over time, this can help stimulate hair growth, providing another way to help prevent hair loss.

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5 Tips For Preventing Hair Loss