When we think about decorating a room and updating our decor, we always have a vision in our heads of what we want. If you are anything like me, you’ll also have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to your next project. But what if we can’t find what we’re looking for? Sometimes it can prove tricky to make our visions a reality. If what your looking for is something unique, then The Princess And The Pickle is here to help.

The Princess And The Pickle is a fantastic eco-friendly greetings cards and gifts business featuring original photography and designs based in Hampshire. Founded by Helen in 2011, The Princess And The Pickle began as an online journal before morphing into a creative space for Helen’s wonderful photography. In late 2018, her online greetings cards store launched and now you can purchase a huge range of funky items including clothing, bags, greetings cards and wall art.

Recently I was very kindly sent three gorgeous A3 wall art prints from The Princess And The Pickle. The timing was perfect as I was planning to give my bedroom makeover, so I chose three prints that matched my intended colour scheme. My bedroom furniture was already exactly what I was after, but the design felt a bit dispondent. I wanted prints that made me smile and promoted happiness, my bedroom needed to be my haven.

I found it really hard to chose just three as there were so many wonderful prints to choose from, but eventually I picked the Colourful Chimpanzee, Colourful Zebra and Colourful Cheetah A3 recycled card poster prints (pictured above). The prints look brilliant on my feature wall and I can’t wait to order more prints for other rooms in the house.

What I love most about The Princess And The Pickle is the thought and consideration that goes into making sure every element of production and packaging is eco-friendly. Helen uses biofilm presentation bags made from corn/potato starch which are fully biodegradable and compostable to protect and display her items. She also participates in an ink cartridge recycling scheme and has a zero-waste policy. Any off-cuts of card are saved and used to makeย biodegradable wildflower-seeded confettiย which you can sprinkle inside greetings cards. I highly recommend The Princess And The Pickle for all your unique, eco-friendly gifting, clothing and decor needs.

You can find The Princess And The Pickle on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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