Acne, Be Gone! And A Little Confession From Me…

Most women have at least one ‘hang up’ about their bodies…

For me, it’s definitely stretch marks. Growing Theo for nine months left me absolutely covered and even now, four years on, they are still massively noticeable. I haven’t worn a bikini since before he was born and I don’t intend too any time soon either – I’m far to self-conscious.

I wouldn’t class myself as a feminist – but I do strongly believe that women should embrace their bodies however they appear. Like many women, I find it hard to see ‘the good bits’ about myself.

BUT, I am trying really hard to accept myself just as I am – every lump and bump included.

Maybe one day I’ll brave that bikini!

A hugely common hang up for women (and men!) is acne. Fortunately, it’s not something I have suffered with – but some of my friends growing up did. It seemed so painful and debilitating.

The simplest of things can trigger a flare, such as using the wrong beauty products or excessive exfoliation (s). Acne triggers can include hormonal imbalance, stress and medication (s).

I’ve been chatting to Leanne Cornelius (A Slice Of My Life Wales) about acne, she told me ‘I suffered with acne for years and tried a lot of various treatments in that time. My GP eventually referred me to a dermatologist who prescribed Roaccutane. There were some side effects but the results were amazing and actually life changing. I would go through it again without a doubt’.

I’m so pleased that Leanne found something that worked – she’s a truly lovely lady and I can only imagine the relief she felt when she found something that worked.

Bread Skalka (Queer Little Family) also uses medication to control her problem skin, she says – ‘I’m using acnecide at the moment – it works on certain spots but not all of them but that’s something. It’s less of a hang up and it was getting painful.’

Other medicinal treatments for acne can be purchased from The Independent Pharmacy.

Do you suffer with acne? Have you found a treatment that works? If so, what?

Comment below and let us know – you may help someone in need!

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