2 Clever Ways To Add More Privacy To Your Back Garden.

2 Clever Ways To Add More Privacy To Your Back Garden.

These days, homes are built really close to one another. As such, your garden could connect to two, three, maybe even four other houses. The people who plan housing developments like this think it’s great as they can pack loads of homes into one area. However, it does leave a lot to be desired with regards to privacy.

Often, you can be in your garden and feel like everyone around you can see everything that you’re doing. You want to have some more privacy where you can close off your home to those nearby. This is particularly important when you have young kids and want to keep them safe and happy. 

Thankfully, some DIY solutions will help you add more privacy to your back garden space. With that in mind, here are a couple of suggestions to try out:

Build a fence

Your garden will probably already have a fence, but the quality of it will be debatable. If you’ve moved into a brand new home, then it will most likely be very basic. Or, if you’re in an older home that you’ve lived in for years, then your existing fence may have started to waste away. 

So, build a taller and more robust fence for your garden. There are plenty of options to consider, and a wooden fence is the easiest one from a DIY perspective. However, a brick wall will add more security and privacy, though it lacks some of the charm. Instead, think about combining the two. Have some brickwork in place and use wooden panels between the brick posts. It helps you build a sturdy and private fence that stays in excellent condition for as long as possible! 

Plant some hedges

Hedges are great for lots of different gardens to add some privacy and greenery to the place. Effectively, you’re planting a natural fence around your garden area! This is great if your garden doesn’t connect to any neighbouring homes but you still want some added privacy. However, it’s most effective in instances where you share a fence with your neighbours. 

If you share fences, then you can’t really change the fence because it doesn’t technically belong to you. You can build a new one right next to the existing fence, or you could plant a hedge beside it. For me, this adds an extra layer of privacy as you have the fence between the two gardens, then the hedge on your side. As you can see on the hedgeplants-heijnen website, there are lots of different hedges you can plant. Pick one that grows nice and tall and is very compact. Obviously, make sure you’re out in your garden maintaining the hedges, so they don’t get too overgrown and nasty. Think of this as another activity to keep you busy when you’re bored. 

There you have it; privacy is added to your back garden in just two simple steps. If you feel like there are too many eyes looking in – or perhaps too many wild animals making your garden their home – then try these ideas to make your garden space more secure. 

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