Affordable Ways to Entertain the Whole Family.

As your family grows, so it becomes more expensive to keep them all entertained. What used to cost just a few pounds for a couple of you to spend the day at a theme park, for instance, will cost a fortune when you have children. Add to that the cost of feeding them for the day while you are out, and the travel expenses to get there and back, and just one day could cost you a couple of hundred pounds.

There are things you can do with that money that can keep the whole family entertained for a month or more.

Paper and Pencils

The kids do enough writing and colouring in school, but there are lots of other things you can do with a few sheets of paper and some coloured pencils. You can buy a ream of paper, 500 sheets, for less than ยฃ5 in most supermarkets and they probably already have the pencils or some felt tips.

Teach them to make paper aeroplanes. Make a whole fleet of them and get them to colour a design that is the same on each one of theirs. Then you can hold plane races, and there will be no arguments whose wins.

While you have the paper out, teach them how to makes chains of people holding hands, and get them to colour the clothes. Especially for little children, they love things like this and will probably want to stick them to their bedroom wall.

There are lots of games you can play with some paper and a pen. Hangman and dots are just two examples, but there are many more.

Let Them Help In The Kitchen

Most kids like cooking, and as long as you are there to deal with any bits that involve sharp knives or heat, they should be encouraged to experiment with different foods and you can all have fun as a family. Kids are sometimes put off food by the name, or because their best friend doesnโ€™t like it. When they have made something themselves, they are far more likely to give it a try.

Let them have some friends round for tea, on condition that they prepare the food. They can easily put together some sandwiches and make a few cakes to impress their fronds with. While they are playing you can have some time to yourself to relax.

Watch TV Together

Although you would probably not want to do this for too many hours, kids love it if you watch some of their TV programmes with them. If you have the right aerials fitted so that you can receive Sky or one of the other providers that have lots of channels, there is no doubt they will find their favourite programmes, and who knows you might actually enjoy some of them.

Games Times

Remember the board games you played as a child before the digital world entered our lives? You can still buy games such as Ludo, Snakes and Ladders and Monopoly and have hours of fun with the kids. They are so used to spending time on their tablets or smartphones that playing a game with people face to face can be a new experience for them, and one which they will hopefully enjoy.

Other Things To Occupy The Family

Walks in the park, kicking a football around, having a picnic, visiting a museum or playing thing like charades can all be fun for the whole family and will not break the bank.

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Affordable Ways to Entertain the Whole Family.