How To Organise Your Life With Amazon Alexa.

It’s the beginning of a new year, a time where many of us decide to regain control of our lives and organise ourselves for the year ahead. I’m quite an organised person, I love lists and labels, it all helps me to feel in control of my world. I have started keeping a bullet journal, which is fantastic for keeping track of everything. I’m also making the most of gadgets such as the Amazon Alexa Echo Dot (aff)Ā – I thought I was organised enough already, but I was wrong!

Today I’d like to share with you how I use Amazon Alexa to keep track of family life. We’ve had an Echo Dot for over a year now, but until recently I hadn’t explored any Alexa Skills beyond fun games for the children. Organising your life with Amazon Alexa goes beyond asking Alexa to set timers and reminders. Calendars from Gmail, G Suite, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365 and Apple iCloud can all be shared with Alexa. Once you’ve uploaded your calendar, you can ask Alexa to add new appointments or important dates using voice commands. Alexa can even make changes to your schedule.

Amazon Alexa can provide you with traffic updates and weather forecasts. Fantastic for organising long commutes or days out. Need to add something to your shopping list? Don’t have a spare moment to make a note of what you need? Just ask Alexa to add as many items as you need to your shopping list. If you need to add something to your to-do list, just ask Alexa.

The Mastermind skill allows you to ask Alexa to call or text a contact, share your location and it can even call your phone if you have misplaced it. My Subscriptions is great for keeping track of your finances and Glad Leftovers can help you to cut down on your grocery by keeping track of the food in your fridge, freezer and/or cupboard.

The Amazon Alexa skill I use the most is definitely the timer. It’s so easy to set up multiple timers to run alongside each other. Alexa is also fantastic for helping Mia with her homework, she even helps me to keep track of this blog! I couldn’t be without our Echo Dot. It takes the struggle out of hectic school mornings with handy reminders, alarms and timers and makes being in control of my world a breeze.

The Echo Dot is the most affordable device available from Amazon. It’s the perfect gift for those with busy lifestyles and a worthy investment for those wanting to maximize the potential of technology to make life a little easier.

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How To Organise Your Life With Amazon Alexa
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