How I Created A Beautiful Garden On A Budget.

I’ve never had the inclination to embrace our outdoor space until we moved into our current home last year. Our garden is the perfect size for the three of us (plus Fudge The Cat and our new addition that you can meet below) but it had been neglected over the winter months.

As soon as the sun began to shine again I made plans to improve the garden.

I wanted a garden that both myself and the children could enjoy without having to spend too much money. The first purchase I made was a trampoline. This was my biggest spend but I’d wanted to treat the children to a trampoline for a long time. It’s already had hours of use and is perfect for burning off the last dregs of energy before bedtime.

I picked up a selection of plant pots from my bits and bobs store for mere pennies and planted seeds and shrubs that will blossom over the next few months.

I also purchased the beautiful strawberry plant hanging basket pictured below as well as a tomato plant hanging basket from a local garden centre for less than £10. Homegrown fruit tastes so much better than shop bought doesn’t it?! The children love growing their own fruit.

I freshened up most of the wood in our garden with a 5 litre pot of outdoor paint from Wilko (£20). Over the course of a few days the shed, herb planter and bird table were transformed. Even our rabbit hutch got a makeover ready for our new addition, Fred!

Fred (pictured below) is a 3 month old rabbit and we absolutely adore him.

He is cuddly but playful, the perfect pet for my little monkeys. Who knew a lick of blue paint could transform a dreary lifeless space into a garden to be proud of.

I’ve reached the stage in my life where perusing the aisles of Aldi for bargains is my idea of fun!

I picked up some gorgeous solar lights in the Aldi garden event a few weeks ago that look stunning hung from the top of my shed.

I also invested in a hedge trimmer to make keeping the garden neat and tidy a breeze and a gorgeous 6 seater garden table from Argos. If your buying online, make sure you have a quick google for discount codes before you purchase. With just a few clicks you could save yourself a considerable amount of money on updating your home or garden.

I adore our herb planter. It was a gift from my mum from a local selling site on Facebook. As stated above, I painted it blue and personalised it using a small pot of Ronseal charcoal grey outdoor paint (£4.99) and home-made stencils which I designed on this site.

Our garden already had established flower beds, bushes and trees within it thanks to the previous tenants.

Unfortunately over the winter months it all became over grown so I spent several days cutting everything back, getting rid of the weeds and planting fresh bulbs.

I’m really pleased with the results of my garden mission. It’s not perfect yet, but the improvement is clear to see. Everything has been done on a budget and I really am proud of myself. Do you have any top tips for readers who have heaps of gardening enthusiasm but lack funds? Let me know below.

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How I Created A Beautiful Garden On A Budget