Comic Book/Floral Bedside Table Upcycle.

Comic Book/Floral Bedside Table Upcycle

It’s no secret that I love a DIY project. I have a mind that needs to be busy and I’m always looking for something to do, even when I should embrace the rare opportunities I get to rest! Recently I transformed the children’s bedroom from dark and dreary to bright and beautiful. Both myself and the children adore their new room, however, their furniture, especially their bedside tables, looked beaten and worn. Seeing the opportunity for a new project, I commenced Operation Bedside Table Upcycle.

Of course, purchasing new bedside tables would have saved money and energy, but why replace something when you can just give it a makeover? It’s so easy to give furniture a new lease of life with the right tools and materials. The bedside table upcycle project I’m sharing with you today cost less than £20 to achieve – far more affordable than buying new!

The children’s bedside tables were showing their age.

The children have well and truly put them through their paces over the years. Theo’s was covered in stickers and Mia’s was adorned with Disney princesses. I wanted to create bedside tables that will suit their individual tastes. Mia and Theo share a bedroom, so it can be tricky to find the right balance between prettiness and superheroes. I knew I wouldn’t find a pattern/design that they’d both like, so I decided to try and aim for similar colours.

bedside table upcycle

For this bedside table upcycle I used –

Fablon is widely available online and in DIY stores. There are hundreds of designs and styles to choose from so if comic/floral isn’t your thing, make sure you browse the entire range. Before I started painting Theo’s bedside table I removed the drawers and moved the main frame into a well ventilated area. Paint fumes, especially from spray paint, can cause headaches and dizziness if inhaled. Always try to paint furniture outdoors to avoid becoming unwell.

I used silver spray paint to transform the main frame of Theo’s bedside table. Spray paint is so much easier than chalk or furniture paint. As long as you have the right technique to avoid drips, the finish will be just as beautiful. I applied two coats of silver spray paint and allowed it to dry for two hours before applying spray sealant. After another hour, the bedside table was ready for stage 2 of my bedside table upcycle mission.

Comic Book/Floral Bedside Table Upcycle

Many believe that applying Fablon is difficult but let me assure you, it really isn’t. All you need is your chosen Fablon, scissors and an old bank card for pushing out any air bubbles and ensuring the Fablon is applied evenly.

I removed the existing handles from each drawer before cutting the Fablon to the same size as the drawer front. Once cut to size, I gently peeled away the backing and began slowly applying the Fablon. It’s important to take your time when using Fablon or other sticky back plastic materials as it can easily tear and once the Fablon is fully applied it can be hard to remove air bubbles and bumps.

It took less than 10 minutes to cover the drawers, and then I moved on to the top of unit. I repeated my earlier method of cutting the Fablon to the correct size before removing the backing and gently applying the Fablon.

Et voila! The first bedside table upcycle was complete.

Theo’s bedside table looked truly brilliant, I knew he’d absolutely love it. Before I moved on to Mia’s bedside table, I quickly checked for any missed air bubbles. Top tip – if you find any rogue air bubbles, pop them with a fine needle and flatten the area with the same card you used to smooth the Fablon during the initial application.

Mia’s bedside table upcycle wasn’t quite as excessive as Theo’s. Thankfully hers has stood the test of time a little better and hasn’t been covered in stickers. All it needed was a bit of an update. Something more Mia, something unique. I chose the floral Fablon for Mia’s bedside table as it was simple, but pretty in equal measures.

To transform Mia’s bedside table I simply removed the handles and repeated the cutting and application process again. Within minutes I had achieved a far more grown-up look. Both children absolutely love their new look bedside tables, and I love having the ability to create something new without breaking the bank.

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