The Bedtime Struggle Is Real.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you read the title of this post and felt bemused. After all, my children are nearly 8 and 6, surely the bedtime struggle is a distant memory? I’d love to say yes, it is, but the sad truth is that the bedtime struggle has only just begun in our house…

Until recently Mia was an excellent sleeper. From just a few weeks old she slept through the night and napped in the day. I lived the parenting dream for a couple of years, waking up feeling as fresh as a daisy every morning. Theo didn’t sleep very well at all for the first year of his life due to his severe eczema and allergies. For a while, I survived on very little sleep and a very cranky baby. You’d think this recent bout of sleep avoidance wouldn’t phase me, but it’s pretty safe to say that I am done with the bedtime struggle.

Our night time routine is pretty relaxed. All the children usually want to do when they get home from school is chill out until dinner time. Once dinner is done, they have a bath and then I allow them a little bit more time to relax. They are given a ten-minute warning. At this point they are expected to brush their teeth, wash their faces and use the toilet. Once those ten minutes are up, it’s time for sleep. Or at least it’s meant to be, recently sleep has been the last thing on their agenda.

When I say the bedtime struggle is real, I really mean it. On a good night, the children only get up once or twice to use the toilet or get a drink before falling asleep. These good nights are few and far between recently. Instead, the children like to take it turns to get out of bed. They wander into the living room and make excuses as to why they are out of bed. The list of requirements and excuses is endless. It includes asking for drinks, a cuddle and the meaning of life. It’s usually followed by a declaration that they absolutely cannot sleep despite spending approximately 0.1838 seconds trying.

I’ve tried everything from bedtime stories to stricter routines. I’ve tried to remove privileges and have even tried laying with them until they drift off, but so far, nothing has worked. On one occasion, Mia kept going until 11pm, and they’ve both been known to start their day at 4am recently.

Sleep is for the weak, apparently.

I know I’m not the only one dealing with the bedtime struggle, but my goodness it’s tough going, especially as I’m doing it all on my own. I love my children more than life itself, but I’m tired, cranky, and I want those few precious hours to myself back again! I’d love to know how you deal with the bedtime struggle, what works, what doesn’t, parental wisdom is hugely appreciated!

The Bedtime Struggle Is Real