It’s Not All Parcels And Press Trips.

I’ve been a blogger for nearly 3 years now, for the last two years, this website has been my main source of income. I often receive comments like ‘I’d love to get something for nothing’ and ‘you’ve got it so easy’. Easy is not a word I’d use, so today I’m discussing the truth about being a blogger…

Being a blogger takes hard work and dedication, especially if you want to make blogging your career. Like the title says, it’s not all parcels and press trips. Yes, sometimes we receive some truly lovely items to share with my readers, but these don’t come ‘free’. I work hard for the brands I collaborate with and often run myself into the ground balancing work, parenting, a social life and my home.

The truth is, blogging is often overwhelming and completely exhausting.

I don’t want to come across as ungrateful, of course, I am immensely grateful for the opportunities I have been given. What I’m trying to say is, blogging is not a free ride. I work hard, just like those in a typical job. Blogging is hands down the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s given me and my children opportunities we never would have had access to otherwise. This little corner of the internet has become my income, allowing me to say yes rather than ‘sorry, not this week’ to Mia and Theo more often. I’ve attended some lovely events and found some incredible friends within the blogging community.

I wouldn’t change a thing about the path I have taken, but sometimes I grow tired of passive aggressive comments on posts, naive digs from those who don’t take time to understand what it is I do for a living and my workplace (my sofa) seriously lacking in adult conversation.

Most full-time bloggers work longer hours than those who don’t work from home. I spend hours typing, editing, photographing products and researching content, and that’s just the big tasks. If I’m not on my laptop working, I’m answering emails on my phone or on social media trying to get my website ‘out there’.

Before you make assumptions about what bloggers do, have a long hard think about it…

When you go into work you have different departments, different managers and supervisors, there are certain jobs for certain people. Being a blogger means we do all of that, on our own.

Your salary is pretty much guaranteed, whereas I never know when the next pay-check will come in.

Blogging IS a proper job, and a damn difficult one at times. Cut us some slack, we’re trying to earn a living, just like you.

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The truth about being a blogger.

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