The Benefits Of Freeze-Dried Ingredients.

Sometimes, especially at the end of a long day, cooking a really complicated meal seems like the most unappealing job in the world. Preparing a lot of ingredients can be a real hassle and, in many cases, you might find yourself reaching for the phone and the takeaway menus. Freeze-dried ingredients can be a fantastic way to combat this. They make for an amazing time saver and are a great addition to any time-pressed kitchen. But what makes them so handy?

Saves on prep time

Spending loads of time chopping, grating, peeling and dicing tends to be the part of cooking that often puts people off. Freeze-dried products can save mountains of time in the kitchen. Companies like Lio-Licious offer a range of sweet and savoury ingredients that are already cooked. This means they can simply be re-hydrated or quickly added into recipes.

For example, freeze dried fruits can be added to a food processor with some milk or natural yogurt to make a fantastic, speedy smoothie in a morning. Or you might want to whip up a quick cheese sauce to make macaroni cheese with. Freeze dried cheese takes the time and mess out of grating and packs a really intense flavour that can really elevate your cooking. With preparation as simple as opening a packet, keeping some freeze-dried ingredients on hand can really help speed up some of your favourite recipes.

Great way to add extra nutrition to dishes

Freeze dried ingredients are a brilliant way to sneak extra fruits and vegetables into meals. Perfect if you’re cooking for a fussy eater or just want to make sure you’re getting your five-a-day. Being freeze dried locks in a lot of the nutritional value of an ingredient while adding a
longer shelf life. This means that you should have access to sources of vitamins and minerals that won’t spoil, meaning you always have access to important nutrition. From smoothies to home baking a handful of a freeze-dried ingredients can help pack your meals with more nutritional value with little effort.

For example, try adding a handful of freeze dried cheese to a savoury scone mix, or freeze-dried tomatoes and olives to a bread dough. Simple additions like this can really help transform your cooking.

Long lasting

Being freeze-dried improves the shelf life of an ingredient massively. Where fresh fruit might only last for a few days before the quality starts to deteriorate, freeze-dried fruit locks in flavour and retains it throughout its shelf life. The flavour is often more intense as moisture is  removed from the ingredient. This is important to keep in mind, especially in home baking as a little goes a long way in terms of adding flavour to a dish. Freeze-dried ingredients are a fantastic way to quickly add colour, flavour and extra nutrition to a dish.

They’re great for experimentation and playing around in the kitchen. Try adding different ingredients to dishes to create a new twist on an old favourite or really experimenting to see if you can come up with a new recipe.

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The Benefits Of Freeze-Dried Ingredients