10 Questions For Prospective Bloggers.

Writing a blog is an incredibly popular hobby, but is it for you? Blogging is a hugely misunderstood career. If you choose to start a blog and earn an income from it then there are several things you need to consider. Writing for an audience is very different from writing a private blog or keeping a diary for yourself. You’ll learn something new nearly every day and be challenged in a way you never imagined.

If you aren’t looking to start blogging in the hope of eventually earning an income then the below questions may not apply to you.

  1. Why do I want to start a blog? If you want to start a blog, you need to do it for the right reasons.
  2. What is my niche? Starting a blog just because can be fun, but if it has no clear focus, your readers will become bored.
  3. Am I truly passionate about my niche? Writing without passion is like running without. Without momentum and the desire to put your all into what you are doing your content will feel empty to your readers.
  4. Do I have enough time to dedicate to a blog? Blogging is not your average 9-5 job. The hours are often anti-social. There are so many elements to being a blogger. The photography, social media, content creation and networking can consume most of your day.
  5. Do I want to transform my blogging hobby into a career? You need to decide whether your blog is going to generate an income in the future or whether it will remain a hobby. Ideally you need to decide this before you begin so that you have clear goals to aim for.
  6. Have I researched what it takes to make a blog a success? If the answer to question 5 is yes, you should give yourself the best chance of success by researching exactly what it takes to run a successful blog. I highly recommend You Baby Me Mummy and Productive Blogging.
  7. Am I familiar with the realities of being a bloggerWhen you enter a ‘normal’ place of work you have different departments, different managers and supervisors, there are certain jobs for certain people. Being a blogger means we do all of that, on our own. Most full-time bloggers work longer hours than those who don’t work from home. I spend hours typing, editing, photographing products and researching content, and that’s just the big tasks. If I’m not on my laptop working, I’m answering emails on my phone or on social media trying to get my website ‘out there’.
  8. Can I cope with trolls and negative opinions? You will struggle to find a current blogger who hasn’t received a negative, sometimes even nasty comments about their content. Trolls are relentless, they don’t care how much pain their comments cause and won’t stop when asked politely. If you want to be a blogger you need to be thick-skinned.
  9. Am I willing to learn? Everything I know about blogging, video editing and social media has been learnt ‘on the job’. Technology is constantly improving and the possibilities are endless if your willing to educate yourself.
  10. Am I willing to take risks? Every opinionated or controversial post you publish will receive both negative and positive comments. It’s this kind of content that your readers will remember you for. Are you willing to risk negativity?

These are just a few of the many questions bloggers ask themselves before they begin. Make sure you carefully consider the pros and cons of blogging before you click publish on your first post. Find out why I started blogging here.

If you have anything else to add to this list please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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10 questions to ask yourself before starting a blog