Fabulous Home Decor From Bombay Duck AD – GIFTED.

Fabulous Home Decor From Bombay Duck AD – GIFTED.

Do you want to know how long it took me to create a mental wish-list when I first discovered Bombay Duck? Less than a minute, I’m not joking. I’ve reached the point in life where you stop caring so much about clothes and shoes and start becoming heavily invested in home interiors and little decorative trinkets. Sad but true, DIY and home-ware stores are my happy place.

I recently received a beautiful mug and equally gorgeous cushion from Bombay Duck, it felt like perfect timing as when the items were received, we were in the process of moving to our new home. I kept the items safely wrapped until we had moved in. There is something rather lovely about new items in a new home. Especially items as lovely as the PEACE Embroidered Cushion and Library Monogram Mugs. When the last box was unpacked, I filled my C monogram mug with a hot chocolate, laid back on my embroidered cushion, and relaxed.

The Library Monogram Mugs from Bombay Duck bring a new level of class to the somewhat mundane world of drinking receptacles. Made from Jade China and presented in a stunning gift box, these mugs would make a lovely gift. If you are still struggling to purchase your final few Christmas gifts, I highly recommend the range of mugs available at Bombay Duck. At just £14.95, it’s a gift that won’t break the bank, but will impress the masses.

It’s easy to see why Bombay Duck have become so popular. Their high quality items and exquisite presentation would suggest a hefty price tag, but that is simply not the case. We are all trying to save pennies at this time of year. However, we don’t want it to appear as if we haven’t put thought and consideration into a gift. Bombay Duck mugs have you covered, I absolutely adore the Miss Darcy range.

The same high quality and exquisite presentation can be found amongst the other items available from Bombay Duck, including their cushions. The PEACE embroidered cushion is just one of many gorgeously unique cushions on offer, as well as the PEACE cushion I also adore the HELLO and Rainbow Burst cushions.

These embroidered linen cushions make the perfect addition to any living room, bedroom or even dining area. Each and every cushion is a testament to the attention to detail that is put into production. I’ll definitely be purchasing more cushions from the wide range available when I finally get around to decorating our new abode! I’ve already chosen which ones I’d like to get for the children’s bedroom, our new living room and my bedroom.

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