Brainstorm Spider Catcher Review.

Being a mother has forced me to face a lot of fears but one fear I am yet to conquer is my fear of spiders.

I can cope with the tiny ones, but the big fat hairy ones, no way! When the opportunity arose to review a spider catcher I said yes without hesitation – this was a tool I most definitely needed.

The Brainstorm Spider Catcher was created to make catching creepy crawlies easy. I must say though, I wish it didn’t come with a plastic spider to practice with. I thought it was real and it was launched across my kitchen!

The Brainstorm Spider Catcher is compact and lightweight making it easy to grab with seconds to spare and also easy to store away when not in use.

It’s incredibly easy to use – even my four-year old can do it! Simply press the trigger to open the bristles, place over the spider and release the trigger. The spider should (hopefully!) be trapped amongst the bristles allowing it to be moved outside without any major dramas.

The Brainstorm Spider Catcher is a simple yet effective tool which in my opinion has a place in EVERY household.

It’s the perfect Christmas gift for spider fearing relatives both young and old!

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