How My Bullet Journal Helps Me Manage My Mental Health.

When it comes to coping with mental health, everyone has different strategies. Some use exercise to channel their negative emotions, others may find writing, drawing or painting therapeutic. For me, blogging is hugely beneficial for my mental health and in the new year, I started keeping a bullet journal. My bullet journal helps me more than I ever thought possible.

A bullet journal isn’t like a traditional diary. It’s a place in which you can put pen to paper and keep a note of everything you want or need to keep track of, a place to beautifully entwine creativity and organization. Your bullet journal is exactly that, yours. It’s completely customizable and unique.

My bullet journal began as a way to keep on top of my blog and family life. But it has quickly become a safe haven for me to discuss my thoughts and feelings.

I have several sections with my bullet journal including incomings and outgoings, bucket lists, family goals, hopes and dreams and my thought of the day. Nearly every element of my life is noted within the journal, it’s essentially my brain in paper form!

When I created my bullet journal, I made sure I dedicated a page to self-care, gratitude and trackers. When I’m feeling low, I often forget to indulge in a little self-care. The self-care page consists of a list of my favourite things to do just for me.

Every evening when I fill in the daily elements of my bullet journal, I flick past the self-care page. It serves as a reminder to take some time out. I also have a page on which I write down what I am grateful for. This is fantastic for those days when I feel a little angry at the world.

Tracking your mental health may seem a little daunting. At first, I wasn’t sure whether to design a mental health tracker, but I’m so glad that I did. Each month, I create a colour coded table. This table features each day of the current month along the top, at the side of the table I make a small list of feelings and emotions. These feelings and emotions usually include the basics such as happy, sad, excited, low, and anxious. Each feeling/emotion is assigned a colour. At the end of each day I colour the appropriate portion of the table with the colour that has been assigned to a particular feeling. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually incredibly simple. You can find a great example here.

My bullet journal helps to reduce my anxieties by allowing me to track my finances and share my thoughts. It picks me up when I’m feeling low. It reminds me of the hopes and dreams I shared at the beginning of the year. I could sit here all day and explain the many different ways in which a bullet journal helps me to manage my mental health. But I won’t.

The list is endless, and can only be truly appreciated if you try it for yourself. So why don’t you? It’s one of the best things I have ever done and I highly recommend it.

How My Bullet Journal Helps Me Manage My Mental Health