Meet Our New Addition… The Candy Bianca Washing Machine.

There comes a point in life when you stop caring about expensive clothes and shoes. Instead, you get ridiculously excited about new Zoflora scents and white goods.

I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve reached that point in my life.

Recently, AO got in touch to offer me the opportunity to review the
Candy Bianca BWM149PH7 Wifi Connected 9Kg Washing Machine. I embraced the opportunity with open arms as the machine I had been using was hired, and costing a small fortune.

Just a couple of weeks later Bianca arrived. We did experience a few small issues with delivery, but the problem was quickly resolved. The customer service team at AO are outstanding.

At first glance I absolutely loved the modern design of this washing machine. Despite its nontraditional black door, this washing machine looks lovely in my kitchen, far nicer than the usual all white designs. Some may say Bianca has a rather masculine appearance, but she is sleek and she fits in perfectly!

Bianca has fast become a valued part of the family, the kids are fascinated by her, and so am I!

As a Mum of two, I am constantly doing laundry. The Candy Bianca washing machine has a huge 9kg drum and a zoom option. I can wash bigger loads and wash it all in just 59 minutes, amazing!

The 9kg drum is the perfect size for the three of us. The touchscreen control panel is incredibly easy to use, simply turn the dial to the desired setting, touch zoom for super speed and then touch the play symbol.

If I’m having a busy day, the simply-Fi app on my iPhone makes life a little easier. The app allows me to choose cycles and adjust settings remotely. It also allows me to check the health of the washing machine and control the machine using my voice.

I think having the ability to control the washing machine with an app is brilliant for those who are out of the house all day – I know controlling your washing machine with your phone sounds far-fetched but it really could make life easier for many.

I absolutely love the Candy Bianca washing machine – it’s so simple to use, looks lovely, and is very efficient. It cleans our clothes incredibly well, all I need now is a dishwasher that is just as wonderful!

I’d recommend this machine to families both for its size and its easy to use functions.

We were very kindly sent the Candy Bianca washing machine in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Candy Bianca washing machine review.




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