How To Transform A Children’s Bedroom For Under £100.

Soon after we moved into our current home in July 2017 I decorated the children’s bedroom. I used rainbows and stars and different shades of blue to create a day/night theme. However, just one year on it began to feel like the children were outgrowing their room. It needed freshening up, but I had limited funds available. I’m quite good at over-hauling my home on a budget. However I wasn’t convinced I would manage to complete a third budget project.

My kitchen transformation was incredibly successful, as was the garden overhaul, but did I have it in me to work my budget makeover magic on another room? I couldn’t suppress my visions for the children’s bedroom so I set myself a budget of £100. Anything that could take me over that budget would simply have to wait.

I was fully prepared to purchase new paint. However, on a whim I had a rummage through my cupboards and found 7.5 litres of magnolia matt emulsion I’d forgotten I had. It was like it was meant to be! Magnolia walls were not a part of the original vision, but I decided to go with it. There wasn’t really any point in buying different paint when I had a huge tub ready and waiting.

Take it from me, covering blue with magnolia is not an easy task.

Three days and four coats later, I finally had a blank canvas to work with. Now the real fun could begin, starting with a feature wall. Using three packs of 110 gold self adhesive circle vinyl’s I created a beautiful feature wall that was perfectly unisex and adaptable. These vinyls were a bargain at just £4.80 per pack.

Despite sharing a room, the children still require their own space. I hung these wooden 3D eyelashes above Mia’s bed, below a gorgeous ‘follow your heart’ wire sign from Poundland. The children’s beds are separated by two bedside tables, which I gave a fresh look with white sticky back plastic and silver handles (aff). Above Theo’s bed I hung a wooden arrow from Poundland which I painted gold, and a Galaxy Wall Hanger From Reroom. The galaxy wall hanger was very kindly gifted to us for the purpose of a Christmas gift guide. You’ll soon be able to view my 2018  gift guide here on Just The Three Of Us.

The wall hangings and beside tables gave the room the separation it needed without the need for overbearing partition walls or bunk beds.

I purchased a gorgeous Sass And Belle Happy Cactus rug (aff) for Theo’s side of the room and the Sass And Belle Sweet Dreams Ice Cream rug for Mia. I expected quite small rugs, but I was pleasantly surprised at the size of the rugs when they arrived. Rugs tend to be quite expensive, but these rugs were incredibly affordable at just over £10 each.

I didn’t want to fill the rest of the walls with prints and hangings. However, I didn’t want the room to feel empty in comparison to the busy blue room the children were used too. I decided to keep it simple with these lovely prints in these simple but pretty frames on the remaining large wall. I covered the light switch with a scandi style light switch cover (aff). Other than hanging a few prints and canvases that they had in their blue bedroom, the remaining two small walls were kept plain and simple.

Et voila! As if by magic, the room was transformed.

Cost breakdown –

Sticky back plastic – £14 (approx).
Sass And Belle rugs – £23 (approx).
Light switch cover – £2.89.
Paint – free.
Drawer handles – £4.99.
Framed prints – £14 (approx).
Gold circle vinyls – £13 (approx).
Wooden 3D eyelashes – £4.35.
Follow your heart sign – £1
Arrow – £1
Gold spray paint – £2.50
New bedding – £18

Total – £98

I managed to complete the children’s bedroom transformation with budget left to spare. The children’s reaction was priceless, they absolutely love their new, more grown up bedroom and I loved seeing their reaction to my hard work and dedication. Check out the children’s bedroom overhaul YouTube video to get a closer look at what I achieved.

If you are looking to transform a children’s bedroom on a limited budget, I’d definitely recommend rummaging through sheds and cupboards for unused or half used tubs of paints that you can make use of. Amazon and eBay sell a huge range of accessories and prints for a fraction of the prices you find in home stores and pound shops always have hidden treasures. Shop around, don’t purchase on impulse and allocate your decorating budget according to your priorities. If you want top quality paint, allocate a good portion of your budget to buying paint. If paint’s not an issue but you want to update the accessories, allocate plenty of budget for accessories.

It’s really not hard to achieve beautiful things with a little planning and frugality. Have you transformed a room on a budget? If so, I’d love to find out more. Feel free to comment below or email photos to – I’ll be sharing my favourite transformations on my social media channels.

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How to transform a children's bedroom for under £100