Your Christmas Shopping Sorted With TOMY AD – GIFTED.

Your Christmas Shopping Sorted With TOMY AD – GIFTED.

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I don’t know about you but I really struggle to find the perfect gifts for younger members of our friends and family. I usually have a good idea of what to get Mia and Theo well in advance, but when it comes to our wider circle, I’m stumped! This year I needed to find gifts for both toddlers and teens. I didn’t know where to start. Recently TOMY got in touch to offer us the opportunity to review a selection of this year’s Christmas must haves. Finally, all my gifting woes were solved.

TOMY are the producers, designers and marketers of some of the worlds most popular toys. TOMY offer products for all ages, including Lamaze for babies and Aquadoodle for toddlers and younger children. They also create games and interactive toys for slightly older children. In the UK, TOMY is a household name renowned for high quality products loved by the whole family.

We are truly honoured to be able to share our thoughts on this year’s TOMY must haves. Each and every item has been tried and tested by my chief toy testers. With this bundle of items to choose from, your Christmas shopping will be a breeze.

  • Rizmo: Your Evolving Musical Friend (aff) – this adorable interactive toy is set to be the most sought-after Christmas gift of 2019. Rizmo listens, learns, remembers and even grows. Available in 3 colours (berry, aqua and snow) each with a unique musical style (pop star, hip-hop star, electro star or rock star) Rizmo is full of personality and fun. Despite preferring books and craft to toys these days, Mia absolutely adores Rizmo. It has been lovely to see her interacting with a toy. Now that she is 8, she is very hard to buy for as everything is either too young for her or a little too mature. I think Rizmo is a great gift for both young girls and tweens.
  • Ritzy Rollerz Dance & Dazzle Spa Playset (aff) is essentially a little girls dream come true in toy form. Featuring unicorns, charms and an abundance of glitter and glam, your young lady will be overjoyed to find this under the tree. The playset includes 30 random Ritzy charms and an exclusive Tori Tada unicorn character. There are several characters available, sold separately. In my opinion this toy is best suited to ages 4-7. Mia enjoyed playing with it but says she would have appreciated the features more at a slightly younger age.
  • Articulate Phrases Game (aff) – what is Christmas without a family board game? The brand new Articulate Phrases board game will be a hit with the whole family this Christmas. The recommended age on the box is 12+, but the whole family can participate. The team who get the most phrases right and moves around the board the fastest wins. We are yet to play Articulate Phrases as I am saving it for Christmas Day with our extended family. However, it is highly recommended both online and by friends and family.
  • Pile Up Pirates (aff) has been a huge hit in our household. It reminds me of playing Buckaroo as a child. The children absolutely love the suspense that comes alongside stacking as many pirates and planks as possible onto the rotating base before it collapses. Whoever stacks the most pirates before the base collapses is the winner. I don’t think you’ll find a single person who won’t enjoy playing Pile Up Pirates with their younger relations this Christmas.
  • Puff Ball (aff) is probably Mia and Theo’s favourite product out of the selection we were very kindly gifted. Having seen Puff Ball being played on YouTube by their favourite vloggers, they were so excited to play themselves. It’s competitive, but fun, and perfect for the whole family. We’ve already spent hours playing Puff Ball and Christmas hasn’t even arrived yet!
  • Build A Johnny Tractor (aff) – if you asked Theo what he thought of his Build A Johnny Tractor, he’d most definitely beam and shout ‘I love it!’. He has spent hours building and deconstructing his tractor using the included battery powered toy drill. This toy is suitable for children from 18 months, so Theo is perhaps at the very peak of the spectrum of age suitability, however, he thoroughly enjoys playing with it. I think this would be a great gift for a toddler.
  • KiiPix Portable Photo Printer (aff) is set to be a hit with the whole family this Christmas. Blogging involves a lot of photography and I struggle to print the hundreds of photographs I take of the children with ease. I’ve been after a portable photo printer for a while now, but they aren’t cheap! I think this model is just as efficient as similar, more expensive alternatives. WiFi and batteries are not required, so you can pop the KiiPix portable photo printer in your bag and bring it along to capture and print memories from the festivities.
  • The Pink Valtra Playset (aff) is perfect for young farm enthusiasts. The limited edition pink model features a detachable double bale lifter. £1 from each sale goes to Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Now. This little set is proof that you don’t need to buy whizzy, high-tech toys for your children this Christmas. Sometimes simple and effective is best.
  • Last but definitely not least, we have ADORBS™ (aff). ADORBS™ bring dressing up clothes into the 21st century with pocket-sized storage and tulip-backed dresses for young girls to put on with ease. An ideal stocking filler, ADORBS™ would be great for girls between the ages of 3-6.

So there you have it, TOMY really do offer something for everyone. We will be sharing these items amongst younger members of our friends and family. We will also enjoy a small selection with parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents this Christmas. If your child has any of the toys listed above already, please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

We were very kindly gifted a selection of items from TOMY in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are our own.

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