10 Cleaning Hacks Every Parent Needs To Know.

Let’s face it, having kids can be grim at times. As parent’s we are subjected to being a target for bodily fluids and dirt. I often feel like I’ll never have an empty laundry basket for more than ten minutes, and there is always a stain that needs abolishing somewhere in the house. I’ve been a parent for nearly eight years now and in that time I’ve taught myself, or been taught, some fantastic cleaning hacks that I am hoping will help you save time, money and sanity whilst raising tiny humans.

  1. Zoflora wipes – pour 500ml of diluted Zoflora into a packet of baby wipes and allow the wipes to soak up the disinfectant mixture. You can then use the wipes to quickly disinfect and wipe down everything from surfaces to toys and games. 
  2. Soda crystals are like magical dust. A small amount in the detergent tray of your washing machine will soften clothes and aid stain removal. Soda crystals are also fantastic for unblocking drains.
  3. Have the children attacked your floors/walls/furniture/all of the above with permanent marker? Toothpaste or hairspray does a fantastic job of removing permanent ink. 
  4. Leave clothes out in the sunshine to remove residual stains that couldn’t be completely removed in the wash. 
  5. Toys looking grimy? Place any non-electrical or battery powered toys into a mesh bag and pop them in the washing machine. A quick 60-degree wash will remove the grot left by little ones. 
  6. Remove crayon/pencil stains from clothes with a small spritz of WD40. Simply spray onto the affected area and wipe away. Cleaning hacks have got me out of several tricky scenarios, but none have saved my sanity quite like the WD40 trick.
  7. Fed up of buying expensive cleaning sprays? Save money and time by filling an empty spray bottle (aff) with diluted Zoflora and use it as you would any other cleaner. The best bit is, you get to choose which scent to use and it lasts so much longer than pre-formulated cleaning sprays.
  8. Remove the dreaded glitter from your surfaces and carpets with a lint roller (aff).
  9. Put odd socks to good use – use them to clean blinds and other nooks and crannies! 
  10. Pop a cotton wool ball soaked in essential oil or diluted Zoflora (aff) into your vacuum filter to make your home smell incredible. 

If you are in need of a more structured cleaning routine, make sure you check out my post all about creating a cleaning routine that works for you. It’s easier than you think and will make housework less of a challenge. If you are a procrastinator like me, you may enjoy watching some of my speed cleaning videos on our YouTube channel.

Do you know of any cleaning hacks that aren’t listed above? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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10 Cleaning Hacks Every Parent Needs To Know