Celebrating #CoeliacAwarenessWeek 2017 With Tesco Free From.

Free from ranges – a once sparse and disappointing department seen in only the larger supermarkets. Nowadays, free from is a range developing beyond our expectations.

The reasons behind following a free from diet vary from person to person. Some exclude food groups for reasons unrelated to health. Others are forced to follow a restricted diet to avoid suffering with debilitating symptoms such as bowel irritation, fatigue and anemia.

This week is #CoeliacAwarenessWeek – a week focused on improving public perception of coeliac disease and campaign for better quality foods for those who suffer.

I’ve been working with Query Click & Tesco to bring you a round-up of some of my favourite free from food picks from the Tesco Free From Range. I was extremely excited to work on this project as Tesco have really upped their free from game in the last 12 months. I was very pleased that I managed to get hold of some of their latest editions – ready meals! So here we go…

Tesco Free From Katsu Chicken Curry (pictured above) –  The dish I was most excited to purchase and taste test because I have a serious love for the Wagamama’s version (take it from me – it’s amazing).

I couldn’t help but wonder, would a free from version lack something in comparison? I was wrong. So very wrong.

Ready in minutes, this curry comes with sticky jasmine rice and an aroma that will make your mouth water. Free from dairy, gluten and wheat this meal really hits the spot. With warm spice and beautiful flavours, if you haven’t tried it yet you seriously need to!

Tesco free from stew

Tesco Free From Beef Casserole & Dumplings – this meal is dairy, soya, egg, gluten and wheat free – perfect for little man! It’s the kind of meal I love to settle down with on a chilly winter evening. Being a huge dumpling lover I’ll eat it any time of year!

Theo is the king of fussy eating and he tucked right into this. What he didn’t eat I did and I can tell you it is everything I love about dumpling dishes and so much more.

Tesco free from curry

Tesco Free From Chicken Tikka Masala – my family are big curry lovers and it had seemed that Mia wasn’t following suit, until she tried this! She didn’t even question whether it was free from or not. Usually she is the first to notice the difference.

The only complaint? That she wanted more! Free from dairy, wheat, gluten, egg and soya it’s perfect for your Saturday night curry fix.

tesco free from brownies

A delicious meal isn’t the same without a delicious pudding to finish it off is it? We made these amazing chocolate brownies using Tesco Gluten And Dairy Free Chocolate Brownie Mix. You’d be fooled for thinking these little beauties were homemade!

Ready in under 30 minutes these brownies tasted incredible with a drizzle of Oatly Creamy Oat.

Find out more about #CoeliacAwarenessWeek here and be sure to keep your eyes on the ever evolving Tesco Free From range of products.