How To Tame Curly Hair.

I absolutely adore Mia’s curly hair, she has gorgeous light brown soft curls. Many women spend hours trying to achieve the same look but for Mia it really is a case of ‘I woke up like this’. I’ve read a lot about the curly girl method on social media lately. This method aims to retain moisture by using sulphate free shampoo and styling products. This method simply would not work with Mia’s hair as her curls require regular washing to avoid looking lank. If you or your child has curly hair that needs a little TLC then this post is for you.

First things first, make sure you use conditioner with every wash – curly hair needs plenty of moisture. I use a leave in conditioning spray on Mia’s hair and it massively reduces any tangling during the drying process. I also try to avoid towel drying her hair vigorously, instead I squeeze the ends with a towel and gently rub the roots.

Tangle Teezer hair brushes are fantastic for curly hair. Most other brushes pull on Mia’s curls which can be painful. Tangle Teezer’s use memory flex technology to achieve speedy and gentle results and can be used on wet or dry hair. When brushing, do not start at the roots. Instead, gently brush the ends of the hair and work upwards. 

If you are blow drying curly hair, do so on a low heat. High temperatures are a no-no for curly hair.

And last but not least, make sure you are using lightweight styling products. Mousse and foam sprays are best and you’ll find that many major hair-care brands offer a range of products specifically for curls. If you have any tried and tested tips for taming curly hair please do let me know in the comments below.

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How To Tame Curly Hair