Cool Creature Craft #BostikBlogger.

Creatures… they come in all shapes and sizes!

Some we love, some we hate, and others are just plain irritating. This month’s #BostikBlogger theme is creatures. I think it’s our favourite crafting project yet! Did you see last month’s #BostikBlogger creation, simple flower crafts for kids? If not, check it out, our flower crafts are simple but stunning. If your child prefers planes to petunias, take a look at peg planes and hot air balloons.

Below you will find this months creations – let me know what you think below and feel free to send any images of yourย creature craft toย – I will share my favourites on my Facebook page and Twitter account.

Funky owl mask (pictured above).

This mask is incredibly simple to create, all you need is –

  • An owl template (simply google search owl mask templates and you’ll find heaps of designs).
  • Bright felt tip pens.
  • Stick on jewels (optional).
  • Sequins (optional).

The way in which you and your child decorate your owl mask is entirely up to you! We gave our owl mask a jewelled beak, sequin eyes and a brightly coloured face. This creature craft is fantastic for refining gross motor skills in young children.

Easy Peasy Jelly fish.

This creature craft is easy, but effective. All you need is –

  • A small cardboard roll.
  • Tissue paper.
  • Googly eyes.
  • Glue.
  • Bostik glu-dots.
  • Sticky back paper (or coloured card if sticky back paper is unavailable).

Apply the stick back paper to the small cardboard roll, if using coloured card, apply with glue and allow to dry. Apply the google eyes to the paper with Bostik glu-dots. Finally, shred a small amount of tissue paper and stick to the inside of the roll to create ‘tentacles’. Voila!


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Cool Creature Craft #BostikBlogger