How To Cope With Intrusive Thoughts.

If you suffer with anxiety and/or depression like myself, you’ll know exactly what I mean by intrusive thoughts. Intrusive thoughts can be related to just about anything, and can occur at any time.

I experience intrusive thoughts almost daily, particularly when my anxiety levels are high. These thoughts are often related to myself and my abilities but can be about pretty much anything.

Recently I have been trying to work out ways to beat my intrusive thoughts, and today I want to share my techniques with you. Perhaps you can try out some of the following strategies yourself, I really hope this post will help others.


These thoughts are just that, thoughts. Every time my thoughts kick in, often at night, I try to remind myself that this is not my reality. I also try to write as many thoughts down so that I can to look back on them with a clearer mind in a bid to understand my triggers.


When these thoughts kick in, distraction is key.

If you find yourself struggling with these thoughts try to focus your mind on something other than itself. I find writing blog posts or filming/editing videos a great distraction but your distraction has to be something that suits you.

You could –

  • Read a book.
  • Watch your favourite film.
  • Listen to music.
  • Exercise.

Try not to over-analyze your thoughts.

I am a huge over-thinker, which I think is one of the causes of my intrusive thoughts. It’s a vicious circle because over-thinking causes the thoughts, but then I over-think because of the thoughts.

I’ve found that by distracting myself, as advised above, I haven’t sat over-thinking it all, therefore the thoughts have passed quicker. If I over-analyze every thought I have, I will quite literally drive myself insane. Try as hard as you can not to

Over-thinking is a tough habit to crack, but I’ve found that by trying to understand, distract, and not over-analyze the thoughts, occurrences have lessened, and are far more manageable when they do occur.

Have a read of my coping with anxiety post for more top tips…

I do not have any medical credentials. This post is simply to offer advice and support. Please contact your GP or an organisation such as Mind (0300 123 3393) or Samaritans for professional guidance on intrusive thoughts.

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How to cope with intrusive thoughts.