Create Your Perfect Cosy Living Room For Winter.

What are you dreaming of when you picture your ideal Christmas day? A beautiful real fit tree covered in glistening decorations? A feast for the royal table served up on pristine white fine china? A roaring log burner radiating heat into the room as your family snuggles up to watch a festive film? All of these visions of a harmonious Christmas scene centre around one thing – the perfect living room. At the heart of all the action, the perfect celebrations depend on the perfect setting.  But if you don’t have that, can it be done in the weeks leading up to the big day? Follow these top tips and you may just be able to pull it off in time.

Set The Mood With Lighting

The lighting scheme is the way to set an atmosphere of festive cheer and it can really transform a room in a fairly simple way. Instead of a dull basic shade, try switching things up by fitting a modern chandelier for a touch of decadence in your seasonal setting. You want the room to glow and look welcoming, so adding in a few stylish lamps to illuminate dark corners will make your living room super inviting for guests and family to gather. Try adding a few beautiful scented candles or pillar candles housed in pretty lanterns. Not only is their flickering light ultra soothing, but they can spread the festive scents of cranberry, ginger, cinnamon and evergreens throughout your home. And what would Christmas be without fairy lights? Think further than just draping them around the tree. Fill lidded glass jars or bowls with battery powered LED lights and a handful of mini baubles for a beautiful elegant look.

Create An Area For Conversation

At this time of year we have so many visiting relatives and friends, and you really want to accommodate everyone comfortably. Sort out the seating ahead of time by adding a couple of comfortable chairs or a storage ottoman that can double as seating (as well as stashing away seasonal clutter) or upgrade to a modern leather sofa for everyone to sit in comfort. Stock up on cosy textured cushions in knitted fabrics or sumptuous crushed velvet and add luxury with a snuggly faux fur throw.

Keep The Heat

A cosy warm room depends on keeping sneaky drafts at bay. It all begins with making sure your room is well insulated. Get a draught excluder for your door in a lovely patterned fabric. A huge culprit for cold breezes are your windows. While you may not have time to have the latest triple glazed units installed, switching up your curtains to a heavy lined fabric can help cut down on the cold. If you have exposed floorboards, try purchasing some flexible foam filler to seal up the gaps – it can really make a difference or shop for a large patterned rug to add warmth and visual interest too.

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Create Your Perfect Cosy Living Room For Winter