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The older Theo gets, the more he opts for action and construction toys. He adores LEGO and action figures and could spend hours plotting to save the world with his superheroes. He is 6 now, and most interactive toys don’t hold his attention for too long, the
Crate Creatures Surprise (RRP £31.99), however, has managed to achieve what other interactive toys have not. His Crate Creature Char is his new sidekick.

Crate Creatures Surprise is a reasonably new and wonderfully entertaining stuffed animal interactive toy like no other. The monstrously gross Crate Creatures are housed in plastic crates secured by a plastic chain and lock. Attached to the side of the crate is a plastic crowbar, the crowbar opens the lock, releases the chain and unlocks the lid of the crate to release the Crate Creature within.

I’ve never seen packaging like it before, it’s truly unique and Theo loves that he can lock and unlock his crate as many times as he likes. He’s even used the crate to hide the TV remote from his sister!

Each Crate Creatures Surprise comes with its favourite food, which when placed in the Crate Creatures mouth, unlocks chomping sounds. The Crate Creatures Surprise requires 3x AA batteries which are included. Pull the creatures tongue to trigger shaking, glowing eyes and fun sounds. Turn, tip and tumble your creature for motion-triggered reactions, there are over 45 unique creature sounds to discover.

Our favourite feature is the voice recording and playback feature. Theo has had hours of fun playing with his Crate Creatures Surprise and has loved making it say silly phrases about Mia, boys will be boys!

Parents everywhere can rejoice in the knowledge that there is an off switch, and two volume options, I mean, what more could you want from a toy for your child?!

Crate Creatures Surprise (aff) toys are a great interactive and fun toy suitable for children 4 years old and above. Theo has already asked for another Crate Creature for Christmas and I love that the Crate Creatures Surprise has reignited his love for interactive toys.

I also love that each Crate Creature has its own unique characteristics. Char’s favourite food is marshmallows, and when you squeeze his tail, his wings flap. Other creatures in the range are slightly different, which is great if your child wishes to build a collection as they all have different perks to entertain and engage children. I think Crate Creatures Surprise is going to be on many birthday and Christmas lists over the coming months. Grab one whilst you can! The range is available in most good toy stores and online.

EU Warning: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years due to small parts which could cause a choking hazard.

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crate creatures surprise, crate creatures, interactive, toys, fun, crate, creature, kids toys

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