How To Create A Cleaning Routine That Really Works.

Housework is something that no matter how hard we try, will always be there. Pretty much as soon as we think we’ve finished all of the jobs that need doing, more arise. For a long time I have tried to get everything done at once which leaves me exhausted. In order to dedicate time and energy to other things I decided to set up a cleaning routine.

Sticking to a cleaning routine can be difficult at first, especially if you are a perfectionist like me. The most important thing about creating a routine for cleaning is ensuring that it is totally based around the needs of your family and your home. Having a cleaning routine is not about having a home pristine enough to rival a palace, it’s about reducing stress by enabling you to have a home that is clean and tidy without an endless ‘to do’ list.

Before you create a cleaning schedule, you need to decide how often each household job needs to be done. Below is an example of how to list each job its frequency.

  • Clean surfaces – daily.
  • Empty bins – when required.
  • Clean sink – weekly.
  • Clean the washing machine – monthly.
  • Sweep and mop floors – twice a week.
  • Clean the oven – monthly.
  • Clean toilet – twice a week.
  • Vacuum – daily.

Once you have a list of jobs, decide who will be doing each job. Try and allocate the same amount of jobs to each adult living in your home to make it fair, and get the kids involved where you can!

How you design your cleaning routine is entirely up to you, after all, the point of a cleaning routine is to create something that helps you and your family. If you are not sure where to start, here are some ideas.

  • Create your cleaning routine in a notepad.
  • Design a chart and laminate it so that you can tick off each job and wipe clean when required.
  • Write down your routine in the notes section of your phone.

As I am the only adult, and the children aren’t quite at an age that is suitable for doing chores, I keep my cleaning routine stored on my phone. I find this really helpful as I can keep my phone in my pocket and refer to it with ease when needed.

Once you’ve decided how you are going to design your cleaning routine you need to organise your jobs into groups of frequency. It’s important not to overwhelm yourself with too many groups, I have found five groups works well for me. These groups are –

  • Daily
  • Twice weekly.
  • Weekly.
  • Monthly.
  • Six monthly.

When you do each job is entirely up to you, but it’s a good idea to decide on a time frame in which to complete jobs that you want to do daily or twice weekly. I always vacuum at the end of the day when the children are settling down for bed, that way there is no risk of the carpets being littered with crumbs almost as soon as I’ve finished and I always clean the toilet whilst they aren’t here as they tend to flush away any products I am using before I’ve had a chance to complete the task.

We often tend to overestimate what we can achieve in a set amount of time. This leaves us feeling stressed and frustrated, which is exactly what we are trying to avoid! Therefore it’s really important to be realistic about what needs doing and what you want to do.

Give it a try – I promise that you’ll see results almost immediately. Not just in your home, but in your mood as well! Check out my Cleaning Hacks Pinterest board for fantastic tips and tricks for cleaning your home.

Do you have a cleaning routine established already? What works well for you? Let me know in the comments below.

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How To Create A Cleaning Routine That Really Works.