Christmas On A Budget: How To Create Your Own Christmas Cards #AD

Christmas On A Budget: How To Create Your Own Christmas Cards #AD

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Christmas is an expensive time of year. Everyone strives to save money where they can but the cost of gifts, decorations and cards soon adds up. With a little planning and organisation, it is entirely possible to celebrate Christmas without landing yourself with money worries. One of the ways I try and save money is by making items such as wrapping paper and cards myself. It’s so easy to create your own Christmas cards, even if your technology knowledge is limited.

To create your own Christmas cards all you need is a laptop or computer with access to the internet. The rest is simple! Using an online graphic design tool such as Canva, you can create your own Christmas cards in minutes, for free. Most online graphic design tools offer a whole host of seasonal elements which are free to use, and you can also download unique fonts free.

The only cost to you is the price you pay for card in which to print your design onto and computer ink, which you probably already have. Most supermarkets, newsagents and craft shops sell high quality card for a fraction of the cost of a wide selection of cards for your friends and family.

Using Canva and free fonts, I created several Christmas cards. The first Christmas card I designed was for the children’s teachers. I like to give their teachers a little something at Christmas to thank them for their hard work. However, in doing so, I increase the expense of Christmas. In less than 2 minutes I created a fun and friendly Christmas card which reads ‘Christmas Wishes For My Teacher, From Your Favourite Student’. Every element of the design was free, including the graphics.

I printed off 4 copies (see image above) and I was so impressed with the final result that I decided to make all of this year’s Christmas cards.

I always get the children a personal card for Christmas. I’m aware it’s a little soppy, but I just love giving them a card with a heartfelt message written inside. This year I struggled to find anything in the shops that really stood out. I kept telling myself that I’d find the right cards eventually, but with Christmas just around the corner, I was running out of time. After the success of the Christmas card for their teachers, I decided the only way that I’d be able to give them the ‘perfect’ card was if I made it myself. So that’s exactly what I did (see above).

Using another free font and free festive elements on Canva I created a card for Mia that I just know she’ll love and cherish. I simply chose a card template, selected my font, added the festive elements and downloaded as a high quality image. I then printed it off and popped it in an envelope ready for the big day. The process was then repeated for Theo using the same font but a slightly different graphic.

Chuffed with what I’d managed to achieve in just 30 minutes, I created a third and final Christmas card design. This design (see above) is for family friends, acquaintances and neighbours. It’s nothing overly exciting, but a pretty card which shows thought and attention to detail. For this design I used another free front and a festive background from Canva. It’s simple, but effective, and I love it. In fact, I love it so much that I’ll be reusing the template for next years cards!

What are you waiting for? Not only will you save yourself some pennies, you’ll also do your bit for the planet by avoiding unnecessary plastic waste. The best bit? You don’t even have to leave the house!

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