Dairy Allergy Be Gone!

This is a post I thought I’d never write…

After many years of strict food control, allergen avoidance and endless scares and upset, Theo is tolerating dairy!

Yes, you read that right. DAIRY. 

The very same dairy that has seen him hospitalised more times than I can count, and has ruled our lives for just under four and a half years.

Words cannot even begin to express how truly appreciative I am of the power of the human body.

dairy allergy

Nothing prepares you for administering an Epi-Pen or climbing into the back of an ambulance with your gravely ill child. I never thought that this was how motherhood would be.

For years I have slaved over the oven creating meals that cater for his dietary needs, for years I have at the sight of a rogue chocolate button in the soft play area, for years I have lived in fear.

Theo’s dairy allergy ruled our lives.

And now, he’s enjoying  a Petit Filous daily without a single repercussion.

The first time I saw him tuck into a Mr Whippy ice cream from the ice-cream van I sobbed. Pure, genuine tears of happiness. He turned to me and said ‘Oh Mummy, I’m really enjoying this!’.

It’s a happiness only an allergy parent will understand.

Over the past four months we have slowly and carefully introduced Theo to dairy via the milk ladder. When we began I didn’t think we’d reach step 3, but lo and behold, he’s completed it, with not even a dodgy belly in sight!

This has not only transformed his life, it’s transformed the lives of our family too. Mia has cried tears of joy at being able to share a Kinder Egg with her little brother, and the food bill isn’t feeling the strain quite so much either!

Theo still has 11 other allergies – most of which will be with him for a long time yet. Of course I will still be creating recipes that are free from gluten, citrus, almonds and peanuts for you all. If you have any recipes you’d like to see, do let me know!

In the meantime, I hope this post has inspired you to believe that it is possible to outgrow a severe dairy allergy.

As always, for non-professional advice from a mum in the know, feel free to contact admin@justthethreeofus.co.uk.