Am I Ready To Start Dating Again?

Since my marriage ended two years ago, I’ve been a single mother focused solely on my children and making this blog a success. I’ve been on a couple of dates, but nothing that ever amounted to anything. The thought of dating again, maybe even beginning a new relationship one day, terrifies me, despite the crippling loneliness I sometimes feel.

Every time I think I’m ready to start dating again, I remember how happy we are, just the three of us. I’m happy, the children are happy, we have our little routines and we have a lovely home, so why should I rock the boat? Of course, it would be lovely to share my life with someone again, but it’d have to be someone pretty special to take on a single mother of two with mental health difficulties and a business that takes up every ounce of free time available.

Let’s face it, I’m hardly a candidate for catch of the month, am I? Before you say it, I know I’m being pessimistic, I know I should have more confidence, but it’s been such a long time since I’ve entertained the idea of meeting someone new.

For years now, everything has been about the kids. My children are my world, they mean absolutely everything to me. They are my main priority, so any decisions I make about my love life are made with them in mind. Introducing someone new to them is a huge deal, the thought of doing that someday, maybe, feels incredibly daunting.

I’ve dabbled with dating apps, but I quickly tire of the cringe-worthy innuendos. Going out doesn’t really appeal to me these days, unless it’s for a special occasion, so the chances of me meeting someone on a night out are slim, and I highly doubt that I’ll meet a potential new partner in the freezer aisle of Tesco!

I keep telling myself that when the time is right, it’ll happen, that I will meet someone when I least expect it, but the question is, am I actually ready to start dating again? I know that dating doesn’t necessarily end in a long-term commitment, but I’m at the stage in my life where I want to settle down, for good.

I’m so torn between wanting to stay as our little unit of three forever and meeting someone new, and I’m sure I’m not the only single parent who feels or has felt like this. So tell me, when did you decide you were ready to date again? Did it just happen out of the blue or did you delve into the depths of the online dating world? I’d love to hear from other single mums, or dads, with their experiences.