It’s A Different World Now…

You don’t have to look far to find sadness these days.

We have poverty on our doorstep and terrorism on home turf. We walk amongst thousands of people each day completely unaware to their capabilities.

Our children are pure. They are born innocent and we try with all our might to keep them that way. Mia is nearly 7 now, Theo nearly 5, they know about bad people and bad events. It saddens me greatly, but I can’t shelter them from today’s world, not anymore.

Mia is a child that wants to know every little detail about everything. Theo is quite the same. Last year we as a country were in turmoil after the Manchester bombings. It didn’t take long for my children to notice the headlines and images on the front of the newspapers and the questions soon came…

Why would someone do that Mummy?

As parents, we protect our children, but I’ve come to realise we just can’t anymore. No matter where we go and what we do, they will know sadness and fear at some point in their young lives.

To begin with I struggled to accept that the world in which I’m raising my children is not one of kindness, but as they grow and mature, I’m beginning to accept the inevitable.

Perhaps growing up in a world full of plight will actually make our children stronger, kinder and wiser.

My children know that they should be thankful for full tummies, because many children will go to sleep hungry. They know that they are lucky to have a nice home, because other children don’t.

They know that some people want to cause harm to others and they know about war. Death is something we have experienced as a family, nothing prepares you for discussing diseases like cancer with a 6-year-old child, but we have too.

We just can’t sugarcoat it anymore.

We have to be fiercer than we’ve ever been before, and we have to be prepared. Questions will be asked, worries will be voiced. We can’t show our own fear because we need to keep our children safe.

We have to teach our children to believe that they have the ability to make the world a better place in spite of it all.

It’s a different world now…

Let’s teach them to dream big, have hope and be kind always.

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It's a different world now

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