DIY: Kitchen Transformation For Under £50.

DIY: Kitchen Transformation For Under £50.

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If you are a regular reader of Just The Three Of Us, you’ll know that I am on a DIY mission at the moment. We recently moved into our new home and ever since I finished unpacking, I’ve been pasting, sticking, painting and prepping like my life depends on it. I completed the living room/dining area a few weeks ago, my next mission was to transform my kitchen without breaking the bank.

Above you’ll find an image of our new, grey kitchen, I absolutely love it. Would you believe me if I told you that it cost less than £50 to achieve? Probably not, but today I’m going to show you how I achieved such a low cost transformation. Below you’ll find an image of our kitchen before I worked my magic. It was fully functional, but a million miles away from how I wanted my kitchen to look. The cupboards made the room feel dark and small, and they stood out against the green walls.


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Thanks to the likes of Pinterest and Instagram, I’ve become somewhat obsessed with grey interiors. I’ve always loved the colour grey, but always thought it would make a room feel cold. My living room/dining area is grey throughout and beautifully cosy and warm, so I’ve proved myself wrong.

Now I’m more determined than ever to make our home perfect for us without compromising my interior preferences. The kitchen in our new home is quite small, so I used the same Soft Grey Crown emulsion interior paint (aff) that I used in the living room to eliminate the green walls and give the kitchen a lighter feel. I purchased 10 litres of paint for £10 a few months ago in preparation for our move and it’s the best £10 I’ve ever spent, so far I’ve painted a large and a small room and I still have half a tub leftover ready for the hallway/landing to be painted. Purchasing brand name paint may come with a heavier price tag, but there is a noticeable difference in paint application and finish when you pay a little more.

I did a few calculations and realised I used approximately £3 worth of paint in our kitchen, and once it had dried, it felt like an entirely different room, I was so excited to add the finishing touches and transform my cupboards.


kitchen, kitchen DIY, DIY on a budget

New kitchen units don’t come cheap. I’d never be able to afford to have a new kitchen fitted, and even if I could afford it, living in a housing association property means that I’m restricted in what I can do to a property. So, unable to afford or even consider the possibility of a new kitchen, I turned to my trusty Fablon/D-C Fix sticky back plastic to breath life into my kitchen units.

I love sticky back plastic, I’ve used it to transform several pieces of furniture in the past such as the children’s bedside tables. I used 3 rolls of Matt Grey D-C Fix (aff) to change our kitchen units and the final result was amazing. Sticky back plastic/vinyl wrap is so easy to apply, all you need is scissors, a steady hand and a flat tool such as a bank card to smooth out any bubbles. I find a microfiber cloths (aff) are really good for removing air bubbles under D-C Fix and Fablon.

kitchen, kitchen DIY, DIY on a budget

Changing the kitchen units made such a huge impact on the general look of our kitchen. In just a few hours, it went from dark, dingy and dated to grey, modern, light and airy. The sticking and smoothing didn’t stop there as I applied grey tile stickers (aff) to the previously all white tiles. I also placed a DIY sticky back roman numeral clock above the oven which cost just £3.99 from Home Bargains.

The finish line was in sight, all that was left to do was to accessorise the areas of the room that looked bare. I placed a white wicker heart and a faux orchid plant on the windowsill, both of which I already owned. I also purchased a small house shaped shelf from a local discount store for just £7 and, as you can see in the image at the top of the page, I placed spices and a faux plant on it before hanging two canvases, both of which I already owned, either side.


Here’s a breakdown of the cost of transforming our kitchen:

D-C Fix – £15.
Paint – Approximately £3 of paint used.
Shelving – £6.99
Tile stickers – £8.
Clock – £3.99
Under cupboard lighting – £9.99

Total cost – £46.97.

So there you have it, a complete kitchen transformation for the same cost as my weekly food shop. I’m so impressed with the results and extremely proud of my hard work – what do you think? Have you ever done something similar? I’d love to see photos – please feel free to let me know via email or in the comments below.

I’m going to have a bit of a DIY break for a few weeks now, it’s exhausting! The next room I want to transform is the children’s bedroom. If you have any unisex children’s bedroom interior ideas send them my way.

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  1. 17/01/2020 / 16:41

    What a great transformation! I love the grey especially on the tiles. Your kitchen units look like brand new! Well done you! x

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