DIY: The Kids Bedroom.

DIY: The Kids Bedroom.

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I know that most of my blog posts recently have been DIY based, but I’m so proud of what I have achieved in 7 short weeks since we moved into our new home. Since we moved here in early December 2019, I’ve been on a mission to make our house a home. Both the living room/dining area and the kitchen are complete, so last week I began to focus my attention on upstairs, starting with the kids bedroom.

Creating a kids bedroom that two children of different ages and genders can enjoy isn’t an easy task. Mia is mature beyond her years, no longer keen on characters or anything overly pink and fluffy. Theo is still very much obsessed with the world of superheroes and bright, bold colours. Finding the balance between both of their tastes and requirements to create a room they both adore felt almost impossible the first time I did it back in our last home. However, now that I’ve had a bit of practice, I think I’m becoming a dab hand at it!

As you can see below, their bedroom was quite dull and uninviting. The room had a bright green feature wall, whilst the other walls remained magnolia. When we first moved in, the room didn’t even have carpet, but thankfully I managed to purchase and put down carpet before we moved their belongings in. I chose the Oxford Rich Grey carpet from to put down throughout the house.


The furniture in the kids bedroom was mismatched, their Noa & Nani Maya bunk bed (gifted as part of a collaboration) is grey, the book shelf and chest of drawers pine, and the toy storage unit white. The lack of continuity made the room even more uninviting. I knew it’d take more than a lick of paint to make this room ours.

As soon as I’d recovered from the kitchen transformation, I began the kids bedroom transformation. Using Crown Matt Emulsion in Soft Grey leftover from my projects downstairs, Good Home Galway Matt Emulsion and copper tape (aff) I created a light, airy and adaptable space for the children to rest and play.

Once the paint was dry, I began to add little dashes of each of their personalities. On one side of the room, I created a space for Mia. I purchased a bigger, far more modern grey bookshelf (aff) for her books and used a white shelf we already had to create a space in which she can pamper and preen herself. Above this I placed some of her favourite images of family and friends, a board of motivational quotes and a gorgeous pink quote canvas (gifted as part of a previous collaboration). To complete this particular area of the kids bedroom, I added Rose Gold 3D Butterfly decorations (aff) – a little fiddly to apply but a beautiful finishing touch.


kids bedroom, kids bedroom makeover, DIY on a budget
kids bedroom, kids bedroom makeover, DIY on a budget

With Mia’s little area complete, I moved onto creating a little space for Theo. By using both soft grey and green on the walls, I could easily differentiate between their unique likes and dislikes. Theo sleeps on the top bunk, so I decided to give him a ‘big boy’ space, light and airy with a healthy dose of superheroes!

I applied lightening strike (aff) and mask wall stickers (aff) to the top half of the wall and used white cube shelves (aff) to give him space to place his favourite pictures and little trinkets. Above his pillow I placed his favourite superhero canvas, purchased from The Range a few years ago. As you can see in the image at the top of this post, it all blends together beautifully. His toys are stored in a 4×4 cube storage unit in fold-able storage cubes from Homebase.

Finally, I swapped the pine chest of drawers for a far better suited grey chest of drawers (aff), put on new bedding (aff), purchased a small but gorgeous rug (aff) and hung their favourite framed movie posters on the walls as well as some small U shaped shelves (aff) next to Mia’s bed.

It’s not perfect, and it’s not to everyone’s taste, but it’s theirs, and they absolutely love it. This transformation was worth every second of stress and exhaustion when I saw the look on their faces as they walked into their room. Making the kids bedroom right for them meant a lot to me, and I’m so glad my vision became a reality. It cost a little more than previous DIY tasks I’ve set myself because I purchased new furniture and accessories, but it was worth every penny.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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kids bedroom, DIY, DIY makeover, kids bedroom makeover, DIY on a budget

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