Why You Should Get a Dog for Your Kids.

Why You Should Get a Dog for Your Kids.

As a child, I spent a lot of time around dogs. My grandparents had a dog in my early years, and throughout my childhood I lived with dogs who I absolutely adored. I always imagined I’d own a dog when I had my own family, but it wasn’t until September 2018 that my hopes for the future became a reality when Millie came to live with us.

Millie is a Chihuahua x Jack Russell and over the past 11 months she has given us so much happiness. She was raised on a farm so she wasn’t used to being on a lead or being showered with affection. She had no idea how to play and didn’t know that toileting was meant to be done outside, but despite that, we fell in love with her instantly.

Nearly a year after her arrival, she’s finally learning how to play fetch with the children. She loves nothing more than being cuddled and loves having her belly tickled. She has the silliest grin on her face almost permanently and is probably the only dog on the planet that likes to dance and have raspberries blown on her belly – she’s one in a million!

Taking Millie on was the best thing I ever did, I couldn’t imagine our lives without her now. It’s true what they say, a dog really is a mans best friend. The children adore her, she is their furry best friend by day and my companion by night. There are so many reasons why I’d recommend dog ownership to families. If it’s something you are considering, but you have reservations or doubts, carry on reading…

  • Firstly, and most importantly, a dog teaches children responsbility. Children spend their childhood being dependant on others, but they have no idea how it feels to be depended on. Giving children pet related tasks such as grooming and feeding teaches them about what it takes to care for another living being.
  • I know the sound of barking drives many round the bend, but dogs are the cutest form of security there is. Millie may be small, but she is fiercely protective of us all. She is always first to the door when somebody knocks and makes her voice heard if she hears a strange noise. As I am the only adult living in our house, it reassures me to know that I’d be woken by Millie something was amiss during the night.
  • Are you children a slave to their screens? The good news is, a dog gives them a reason to get out and about. As I’m sure you know, dogs need regular walking and exercise. Mia and Theo love chilling on the sofa watching Netflix or YouTube, but they love nothing more than grabbing their bikes and walking Millie with me.
  • Being responsible for a dog can be a great confidence boost for children. Before Millie came along, Mia was very nervous around dogs. She wasn’t even comfortable with walking past dogs in the street, but now she and Millie are inseperable. She is an incredibly confident young dog owner. Millie allowed her to conquer her fears.
  • Dogs have an amazing ability to sense how you are feeling. When I’m feeling low, Millie doesn’t leave my side. If Theo is upset, she will lick him and fuss him until the tears stop and the giggling begins. Dogs understand the unspoken.
  • Dogs feel emotion and pain, just like us.  They can suffer injuries and the infirmities of age during their lives.  Your children will witness a dog’s entire life cycle and grieve their passing.  This is an invaluable lesson for a child as they learn to cope with grief and loss.  Seeing a dog in pain can teach your child how to help others in need.

There really are very few reasons why a dog wouldn’t be a great addition to your family. It’s important that you consider adopting a dog in depth before making a final decision. I hope that this post has offered reassurance and encouragement.

If you have any questions or want to know more about our experience with Millie then please feel free to contact me via email or social media.

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