Dog Rehoming: Our Experience.

If you follow Just The Three Of Us on social media you’ll know that we recently welcomed a new addition to the family, a dog called Millie. Dog rehoming is something I have always wanted to do, but until recently Mia was petrified of them. Now that I am a full-time work at home mum and both the children are in full-time education, I have six hours a day to work and care for Millie. The flexibility of my job allows me to give Millie the time and devotion she requires.

Mia was scared of dogs from a young age. At one point she struggled to even walk past a dog in the street. Thankfully, over the past few years she has completely overcome her fear. Her Auntie and my best friend introduced her to their dogs and their gentle and kind natures eliminated her worries. Welcoming a dog into our family was a huge decision. There were so many what if’s to consider. We needed a dog with enough energy to keep up with the kids, but who had a calm temperament. Eventually Millie came along… and three weeks on I can’t imagine life without her. Millie is 18 months old, and a wonderful mix of breeds.

She is part Chihuahua, part Jack Russell and part dachshund (we think!). She has the most beautiful eyes, and short sweet little legs. I love the way she has one ear that is always drooping, it adds to her charm.

I always thought if we got a dog, we’d get a puppy. Not because I didn’t think about dog rehoming, but because puppies seem to be far more accessible. I think the best thing about rehoming a slightly older dog is that they are usually already trained. There is no need for puppy pads and jabs. They already have established personalities and traits and they don’t have any nippy puppy teeth!

Millie hadn’t spent much time on a lead, so she needed plenty of encouragement on the first few walks. She also had quite a few accidents in the house, and was in heat just after a week after she came to us. Of course the accidents in the house were an inconvenience, but I think the stress of leaving her previous owner and a short stay at somewhere unfamiliar before she came here is to blame. I’m sure any females reading this will agree that periods aren’t exactly a breeze no matter what species you are, bless her she has had a turbulent few weeks.

Millie wasn’t re-homed via a charity or trust, but this was an avenue I had considered exploring. I’m thankful that she wasn’t one of thousands patiently awaiting a forever home. I urge anyone reading this who is considering a furry friend to visit local dog charities and rehoming centres. If we ever move to a bigger property, I will most definitely be adding to my canine brood. The RSPCA website has a fantastic search tool to help you find your nearest rehoming centres.

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Dog Rehoming: Our Experience