How I Edit Photos Using iPhone Apps.

Beautiful photography is a must if you want your blog and/or social media platforms to get noticed. You don’t need a photography qualification or the flashiest tech to make your photos stand out. With the right techniques you can capture amazing images using just a smartphone. If you want to edit photos using iPhone apps then this is the post for you. I’m going to show you how I edit my photos using the Adobe Lightoom and Snapseed apps.

Above is a photo I took with my Sony ILCE5100L Compact System Camera (aff), I love editing photos like this, barely any editing is required thanks to the autumnal glow caused by the suns rays. It’s important to note that if you edit photos using iPhone apps, you first need to have images that you can work with. Images captured in low light or unfocused images just won’t work.

There are several ways in which you edit photos using iPhone apps. If your looking to make minimal changes, you may find that the basic iPhone photo edit option meets your requirements. I however like to do more than crop and brighten. I use a variety of apps to create images and edit photos for the blog and my social media platforms. The two I use most often are Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed.

I’m going to start with how I edit photos using the Adobe Lightroom app. Until recently, I had always assumed that editing apps/programmes from Adobe were purely for ‘professionals’ but I was wrong. Adobe photo editing software and apps are incredibly easy to use with a little bit of know how.

Select warm contrast preset Adobe Lightroom app.

Once I’ve loaded the photo I want to edit onto the app, the first thing I do is select the warm contrast preset. This preset is one of several beautiful presets available on the app, if warm contrast isn’t for you then have a play with the other presets available.

After selecting the warm contrast preset I move onto details. Within details, you can change several elements of your image. I keep it simple and set every option to full/maximum. This brings out every beautiful colour in the photo, whilst also making it clearer and sharper.

Adjust details in Adobe Lightroom app.

Next to details you will find optics. Optics gives you two options, enable lens corrections and remove chromatic aberration. It may sound like scary photography lingo, but I promise you, it’s not as complicated as it sounds! I make sure both options are set to ‘on’ before I enable the auto option. This improves any remaining imperfections. Just a few small changes and… Voila! A beautiful photo!

Now for Snapseed… Snapseed is really simple to use. Simply open the photo you wish to edit in the app and select tools. From there you can edit the photo using a huge variety of different editing options. The first thing I do is select HDR scape within the tools menu and increase the strength to suit each individual photo.

HDR scape improves the clarity of your photo. You can reduce or maximise the strength of HDR scape using the slider at the top of the screen. The level at which I set my HDR scape depends on each individual photo I edit. Photographs taken in low light usually look best with a low HDR scape setting whereas photos taken in natural daylight suit a higher level, usually between 60-90. I then move on to structure and brightness.

Before & after edited on the Snapseed app.

The option to adjust the brightness of your photo can be found when you select tune image within the tools menu. Again, the level of adjustment required to brightness will depend on each individual photo. I tend to keep brightness levels within 50-70.

Editing with Snapseed app.

Next to the tune image option, you will find the details option. This is where you can adjust the structure and sharpness of your image. I tend to avoid adjusting sharpness when using the Snapseed app. I do however adjust the structure to approximately +40-+60. Again, the level at which I set the structure depends on the lighting/quality of each photo.

And that’s it! Quick, easy, simple and effective photo editing. My favourite thing about editing using these apps is having the ability to edit on the go. Life’s a little bit busy here, so if I have a spare moment to do some work I simply grab my phone, check my emails and edit any images that need editing. I can do it anywhere, at home, on the school run, in bed, it make’s the photography element of being a blogger a breeze. Have a play with the apps and see what works for you – please feel free to pop any questions in the comments below.

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How I Edit Photos Using iPhone Apps